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  The  Acute Poisoning In Children   The Acute Poisoning In Children Minimize

  Acute Poisoning In Children
Project of The School for nurses Vrapče, Zagreb

    Participating Schools:  1. School for nurses Vrapče, Zagreb
2. School for nurses Vinogradska
3. Medical school Beograd
4. Secondary Medical School Novo mesto
Date:  January 09, 2014
Project Leaders:  1. Aleksandra Vidoša (aleksandra.vidosa@gmail.com), School for nurses Vrapče
(), School for nurses Vinogradska
 (), Medical school Beograd
4. Simona Zoretič (simonca19@gmail.com), Secondary Medical School Novo mesto
Koordinators:  1. Zlatica Šimunović (zlatica.simunovic@skole.hr), School for nurses Vrapče
2. Danijel Bašić
School for nurses Vinogradska
3. Iljana Rakić
(iljanarakic@gmail.com), Medical school Beograd
4. Mojca Simončič (mojsimoncic@gmail.com), Secondary Medical School Novo mesto
Secondary School Viktorovac, Sisak
1. Rebeka Meglić, School for nurses Vrapče
2. Matija Fait
, School for nurses Vrapče
3. Lea Pavlić Haskić
, School for nurses Vrapče
4. Sandi Selan
, Secondary Medical School Novo mesto
5. Tjaša Košak
, Secondary Medical School Novo mesto
6. Pia Kržan
, Secondary Medical School Novo mesto
Target Group: 
Students and teachers of schools in the project , participants festivals , local community.
Project Objectives: 

Collecting data , education , prevention of poisoning in children.


Data collection , development of the survey , making posters and leaflets, presentation.


Students and teachers of schools in the project, teaching base.

Place of implementation: 
School, clinics, local community
Duration (phases):

January to February, planning, division of tasks
March-April, project work, data collection and processing
May to September, preparing presentations and finishing work

Expected Results: 
Show most common causes of poisoning in children , promote ways of preventing them.
Risk Factors:  Lack of financing sources, for example, for students –teaachers meetings.

Students from Novo Mesto (Slovenia) visited Zagreb (September 18-19, 2014)  Students from Novo Mesto (Slovenia) visited Zagreb (September 18-19, 2014) Minimize

Students from Secondary Medical and Cosmetology School Maribor (Slovenia) visited Zagreb

in projects "Volunteering" and "AcutePoisoning In Children"

    During 18-th and 19-th September 2014 some students arrived in our School for Nurses Vrapče from Secondary Medical and Cosmetology School Maribor, Slovenia. We spent two magnificent and unforgettable days together.
   Like every other year we are participating on some projects for E-medica and one of them is "Acute poisoning in children" so we hosted our colleagues from Slovenia. The exchange was organised for two projects: "V
olunteering" and our E-medica project.
   On Thursday morning (18-th September) we were in front of hospital "Clinic for children's diseases Zagreb (Klaićeva)" where we met our Slovenian friends and friends from School For Nurses Vinogradska who are also on this project. Then we all quickly went inside the hospital so that we could listen to a lecture about
"Acute poisoning in children". The lecture was presented to us by Nurse Veronika Miljanović-Vrđuka from "Department of Intensive Care" which we explored after the lecture.
   After we spent some time in hospital we were heading to our "base" (School For Nurses Vrapče) where we discussed our project with all our minds, hearts and souls for a few hours. Finally we came to some sort of agreement we came down to a hospital kitchen and ate some lunch.
   After lunch we decided to take our friends on a tour to show them some parts of Zagreb, our capital city. We were later supposed to meet students that were leading our other school project "Volontiranje". We took some pictures with them and then we departed from them. We later said goodbye to our friends from Vinogradska and then we went to the old part of Zagreb - "Gornji grad". First we climbed the stairs and on the way back we went down by the cableway which is smallest cableway in Europe.
   After we head meal we lead our Slovenian friends to our mentors. We didn’t know the way to a café bar we needed to go so we stopped a person on the street. The person we stopped was working for some sort of an animal shelter so we made a bargain with him. We agreed to buy a badge from him if he shows us the right way to a café bar we were heading. After a while we finally found our professors and bought a badge form an animal shelter guy. Then we went to Dubrava where we were nicely accommodated. We played some social games and later went to bed.
   The next morning (19-th September) we all met in front of an institute "Institut za medicinska istraživanja i medicinu rada"where we were hosted by Dr. Jurasović who explained what they do on the institute. There we attended two projects within the institute which were about minerals, drugs and poisoning. The most interesting part for me was when we went to a laboratory where we watched test results of hair of our mentors (sestra Vidoša, prof. Zoretič). The test results showed us how much metal-mercury was in hair of our mentors. We students had some small problems with haircutting part so our mentors volunteered. After that we had lunch and later we all helped our friends that were working on "Volontiranje" project. Later we had some fun in the park near our school. The time didn’t want to spear us so it brought the saddest part – parting with our friends. But I know that we will meet soon so I happily wait our next meeting full of hope for new adventures.

School For Nurses Vrapče

Visiting students from Vrapče to Novo mesto  (April 25, 2014.)  Visiting students from Vrapče to Novo mesto (April 25, 2014.) Minimize

The report on the visits students from the School of Nursing Vrapče to Novo mesto

   On Friday, April 25, 2014, students from School for Nurses Vrapče, Zagreb, visited and participated at the exchange of students on the Project "Acute poisoning in children".

   In Novo mesto where the exchange took place, we arrived early in the morning and the pupils of the school in Novo Mesto warmly welcomed us.

   We are participating in two projects, "Volunteering" and "Acute poisoning in children". That morning after the introductions, coffee and cakes, we went diffirent facilities depending on our two projects. Since our project involved Acute poisoning, we went to the Health center Novo mesto, where we listened to a very interesting lecture by mr. Peter Černe, dms. The lecture was about treating a poisoned patient in emergency (I was impressed by the fact that the lecture was held by nurse from the emergency service and he spoke from his perspective and experience). After that we visited the laboratory at the hospital. Our visit was prepared by Daniela Furlan, univ. dipl. kem., but she vas occupied, so we were welcomed by Dežman Tadeja, univ. dipl. biol.
   She explained to us what has to be done with samples of suspected and proven poisonings. The visit was so interesting that we did not even notice that it was already time for lunch. After lunch, a "real job" followed - making arangements about the project, setting dates, exchanging materials, forming a survey ... when we agreed on everything, there came the hardest moment – saying goodbye ...

   We hope this will not be the only exchange and that soon we will meet again with friends from Serbia and Novo mesto.

Natalija Šnidarić

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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