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Heart Symbol of Health
Project of The Medical College Zagreb

    Participating Schools:  1. Medical College Zagreb
2. Gimnasium Tituš Brezovački Zagreb
Date:  November 08, 2013
Project Leaders:  1. Tatjana Stibilj Batinić  (tatjana.stibilj-batinic@zg.t-com.hr), Medical College Zagreb 
2. Andrea Igaly  (andrea.igaly@gmail.com), Gimnasium Tituš Brezovački Zagreb
Koordinators:  1. Zlatica Kozjak Mikić  (zlatica.kozjak-mikic@skole.hr), Medical College Zagreb 
Leader Medical College Zagreb
1. Galeković Marta
2. Begović Ivana
3. Tin Hadživeljković
4. Sven Batinić
Target Group:  Highschool students.
Project Objectives: 

Knowledge, skills, achievements and values of this area directly founded and improve the health of students, enable the creation of a positive personality, strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence and work on the quality of life in school, family and society.


Knowledge and experience in this field allows students forming a responsible attitude towards themselves, others and the environment, helping to adjust and overcome difficulties during development and maturation.


Parents, teachers, museum staff.

Place of implementation: Zagreb, Terme Tuhelj.
Duration (phases):


Expected Results:  This approach will allow students during their schooling and in the later life, learn more easily, more easily achieved equal personal and social ties and respecting others uniqueness, easier to develop an active attitude towards life and their own initiative.
Risk Factors:  Lack of financial resources. 

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