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What Our Body Tells Us?
Project of The Medical school Dubrovnik  

    Participating Schools:  1. Medical school Dubrovnik
2. Medicinska i kemijska škola Šibenik
Date:  February 01, 2014
Project Leaders:  1. Marija Čupić (marija.cupic1@gmail.com), Medical school Dubrovnik
2. Snežana Žaja  (crnica24@gmail.com), Medicinska i kemijska škola Šibenik
Koordinators:  1. Marija Čupić (marija.cupic1@gmail.com), Medical school Dubrovnik
2. Aleksandra Acalin 
(aleksandra.acalin@si.htnet.hr), Medicinska i kemijska škola Šibenik
Medical school Dubrovnik
1.Ivana Petrović
2.Mihaela Ivanković
3.Ivana Matić

Target Group: 
All students who take part in this project:
Project Objectives: 

Every experience in our life leaves traces in our physical and mental system, every new experience gives us posibility to change ourselves. Our physical and mental system will be formed by our genes, by our previous experiences and the way we cope with each of them. Thats why every person in the world looks differently, behaves differently and has different attitudes towards reallity. Within this project students will get acquainted with new scietific researches. That will be of great help for them as medical student in fomirng their attitude towards their proffession, and wider.


-each participant choses his/her own task
1. connection between their body and mind
2.how to hear your own body
3.observing parts of body from the aspect of connection between mental and physical(head, neck, shoulder, hands, chest, abdomen, pelcis)


All interested teachers and students who apply to be participant int his project.

Place of implementation: 
Partner schools that participate int his project
Duration (phases):

March-November 2014

Expected Results: 
Risk Factors:  Lack of financial resources for ralisation of planned project.

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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