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Realized Join Students Projects for 2014/2016  Realized Join Students Projects for 2014/2016 Minimize

    School coordinators, in collaboration with school leaders and managers of project teams listed water projects, and on these pages we publish course and phase of each of these projects.
Upon completion of the project managers of project teams report on the completion of the project, send a report and realized the contents to be published, and the connection to the project moves into the "Realized projects".

   As the basis for our work to promote cooperation and communication technologies, it is the foundation of this segment develop joint projects between two to five schools, and the use of ICT in their communication and processing of design topics. In developing joint projects with students working together, using all forms of communication (email, Adobe Cinect, Polycom, Live Meeting, Skype, Facebook, Twitter ...)

We also want to note that cooperation more schools to develop a joint project must result in a single presentation of the project, and that all materials (presentations, video and audio materials, surveys, documents ...) shipped to the national manager for email Zlatice Šimunović on email
 zlatica.simunovic@skole.hr and on email e-medica@medskolazd.hr, and order at the end were published on our website along with a summary of the project (in the "Completed Projects"). In this way, all visitors to the website E-medica able to see your work and use it in their teaching needs.

   Please report shall be submitted to the emailes: zlatica.simunovic@skole.hr and e-medica@medskolazd.hr!

      List of realized join projects presented on 9. "Days of E-medica 2016":
  1. Right Idea - From Idea To Business
  2. Therapeutical Cloning
  3. Transfusion and Prejudice
  4. Self-Defence
  5. Hermaphrodites
  6. Hunger
  7. Mobbing
  8. Sweet And Bitter Side Of Aspartame
  9. Folk Beliefs
  10. Pet, A Friend, A Therapist
  11. Volunteering Without Borders
  12. Cycling To School
  13. Euthanasia
  14. Complemetary Medicine - Bioenergy
  15. Is coffee harmful to your health?
  16. Leading the blind and visually impaired patients
  17. Bribery And Corruption
  18. Adolescent Addictions Of New Age
  19. Dalmatian Jewelery
  20. Dangers Of Flora And Fauna
  21. Sleepwalking
  22. Health Tourism
  23. Melanome
  24. The Beauty Of The Heart
  25. Medical Corps In Croatian War of Independence 2
  26. Our Daily Bread
  27. Living With Stoma
  28. Self-inflicted wounds during teenage years
  29. Testing Drugs On Animals

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