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Medical School Bjelovar: Bribery and corruption  Medical School Bjelovar: Bribery and corruption Minimize

B R I B E R Y    A N D    C O R R U P T I O N
Project of The Secondary Medical School Bjelovar

    Participating Schools:  1. Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
2. Secondary School Koprivnica
Date:  June 10, 2015
Project Leaders:  1. Ana-Marija Ivanković  (anaivankovic123@gmail.com), Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
2. Željka Galešić  (zeljka.galesic@gmail.com), Secondary School Koprivnica
Koordinators:  1. Biljana Balenović  (biljana.balenovic@skole.hr), Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
Željka Galešić  (zeljka.galesic@gmail.com), Secondary School Koprivnica
Secondary Medical School Bjelovar

Target Group: 
Any students who show interest in project making.
Project Objectives: 

With this project we want to contribute to education of responsible citizens. Introduction of anti- corruption content into teaching promotes critical thinking and independent learning.


Helping students to build their own system of values and develop skills required to deal with corruption that are typical of democratic societies, i.e. developing students' self-confidence and responsibility in order for them to become responsible and active members of the society.


Schools, team leaders, administrative staff, individual subject teachers, health institutions personnel.

Place of implementation: 
In the local communities where the participating schools have their seats.
Duration (phases):

February 2014 – October 2014

Expected Results:  Students will experience the importance of ethical behavior and effects of corruption on everyday life. 
Risk Factors:  Lack of finances; absence of partners.

Student exchange between Nursing School Bjelovar and Secondary School Koprivnica  Student exchange between Nursing School Bjelovar and Secondary School Koprivnica Minimize



Student exchange between Nursing School Bjelovar and Secondary School Koprivnica
in connection with the projects on Bribery & Corruption and Mobbing


      On 19 February 2016, Nursing School Bjelovar, as the host, organized an educational meeting and workshop connected with the project implementation within E-medica. The afore mentioned meeting was organized within the scope of work on the joint projects done by the students of Nursing School Bjelovar and Secondary School Koprivnica, profile - general nurse.

   Since the students were first introduced to the themes of the projects related to bribery & corruption and mobbing more than a year ago, in the afternoon hours, the students of Nursing School Bjelovar: Ana Bačak, Anita Filipović and Tamara Muškinja, with their teacher, Ana-Marija Ivanković, looked forward eagerly to welcome the students of Secondary School Koprivnica: Patrik Vrček, Ivana Kupec, Lorena Ravnjak, Žaklina Rakoš, Luna Petrović and Mirna Babić, with their mentor, Željka Galešić.
   Since the project included treatment of the problem area of the chosen themes, the students thought out a dramatic piece under the leadership of their mentors, and conducted an extensive research which was presented afterwards.
   During the several hours of studying and companionship, the students improved their communicational skills. Through their performances and presentations, they built up their confidence and perfected public speaking.
   The students of Secondary School Koprivnica were also given a tour of our school and a small party was organized in their honour.
   The gathering took place in a pleasant atmosphere on the premises of Nursing School Bjelovar, where we were joined by the school principal, Nena Arvay, B.S.Eng. and teacher Biljana Balenović, the E-medica coordinator.
   This was a very useful and joyful meeting which strengthened our cooperation so far and opened the door for making new friendships.
     We are eagerly looking forward to the next meeting!

Ana-Marija Ivanković, prof.   

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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