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Secondary Medical School Šibenik: Dalmatian Jewelry  Secondary Medical School Šibenik: Dalmatian Jewelry Minimize

D A L M A T I A N   J E W E L R Y
Project of Secondary Medical School Šibenik

    Name of project:  1. Secodrary Medical School Šibenik
Secodrary Medical School Dubrovnik
Date:  November 23, 2014.
Project Leaders:  1. Antonija Žaja  (antonijazaja@gmail.com), Secodrary Medical School Šibenik 
2. Marija Ćupić 
(marija.cupic1@gmail.com), Secodrary Medical School Dubrovnik
Koordinators:  1. Aleksandra Acalin (aleksandra.acalin@si.htnet.hr), Secodrary Medical School Šibenik 
2. Marija Ćupić 
Secodrary Medical School Dubrovnik
Secodrary Medical School Šibenik
STUDENTS:  1. Antonela Hrga
2. Antonela Knežević
3. Sara Granić
Targeted groups: 
All students, participants in the project.
Project Objectives: 
Dalmatian jewelry throughout history, features jewelry by some Dalmatian regions, display jewelry.

Medical school Dubrovnik: traditional jewelery from Dubrovnik region, a way of making jewelry, jewelry impact on health, the presentation of jewelery
Medical school Sibenik: traditional jewelery Sibenik region, drilling earlobe the old fashioned way, the presentation of jewelery
Each of the schools in its project developed the theme in a way that showed the traditional jewelry of their region, we eventually merged into one.

All students and teachers who have shown interest in cooperating in this project.
Place of implementation: 
School partners.
By November 2015 -up to the E-medica 2015
Expected Results: 
Learn how to manufacture and types Dalmatian jewelry, project presentation at the meeting of the E-medica 2015.
Risk factors:  No

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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