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Secondary School Bedekovčina:  FOLK BELIEFS  Secondary School Bedekovčina: FOLK BELIEFS Minimize

Project of The Secondary School Bedekovčina

    Participating Schools:  1. Secondary School Bedekovčina
2. Medical School "Draganja Nikšić" - Sremska Mitrovica
Date:   June 08, 2015
Project Leaders:  1. Danjela Švigir  (danijela.svigir@gmail.com), Secondary School Bedekovčina 
2. Aleksandra Topić 
(macva22@gmail.com), Medical School "Draganja Nikšić" - Sremska Mitrovica

Koordinators:  1. Suzana Đanić (sudanic@inet.hr), Secondary School Bedekovčina
2. Branislav Vuletić
 (smsanitas@gmail.com), Medical Shool "Draganja Nikšić" - Sremska Mitrovica
Secondary School Bedekovčina
Secondary School Bedekovčna: Mateja Brčić, Anamarija Pavlin and Natalija Dukarič
Medial School "Draganja Nikšić" - Sremska Mitrovica: Jelena Marinković, Željana Ančić and Aleksandar Malić
Target Group: 
Everyone interested in ethnology and folk traditions.
Project Objectives: 

Introduce students to the subject matter of ethnology based on folk beliefs, encourage research and see folk beliefs as part of rich cultural heritage that is preserved in stories and legends.


1. Folk beliefs in general
2. Conducting a survey among students in order to see up to what point folk beliefs are present in their everyday life and whether they believe in them
3. Conducting a survey among senior population in order to see up to what point folk beliefs are present in their everyday life and whether they believe in them
4. Folk beliefs in our region
5. Relation to folk beliefs then and now.


Everybody who applies for participating in the project. 

Place of implementation: 
Secondary School Bedekovčna and Medial School "Draganja Nikšić" - Sremska Mitrovica
Duration (phases):

December– Strategizing the presentation of the project.
January – Creating the survey.
February – Conducting surveys in all schools.
March– Student exchange and arranging future actions.
May – Filming the films.
June – Gathering materials and joint presentation of the project.
Creating the text that goes together with filmed material.
September– Practicing the presentation of the project.

Expected Results: 
Get to know the subject matter of ethnology as a science that studies culture of particular nation.
Get to know the notion of folk beliefs, myth and legend.
Experience folk belies as part of rich cultural heritage preserved in stories and legends.
Obtain and process information gathered in surveys.
Get to know some folk beliefs.
Explain the role, the relation and the influence of folk beliefs on society and an individual then and now.
The correlation of knowledge, the creation and development of partnership, the development of independence and competence, the encouragement for research and lifelong learning.
Risk Factors:  Insufficient funds, the absence of associates. 

Exchange Between Secondary Medical School "Draginja Nikšić" Sremska Mitrovica and Secondary School Bedekovčina  Exchange Between Secondary Medical School "Draginja Nikšić" Sremska Mitrovica and Secondary School Bedekovčina Minimize


Student’s Exchange Between Secondary Medical School "Draginja Nikšić" Sremska Mitrovica
and Secondary School Bedekovčina

     In the period from 25th to 28th November 2015, students and teachers from Secondary Medical School in Sremska Mitrovica were in a return visit to the Secondary School Bedekovčina within the thematic project "Folk beliefs" which is being implemented in the framework of E - medica - project of medical school. During our stay we worked on the project realization, visited the School as well as numerous cultural and historical sights of Croatian Zagorje.

   Upon the reception in Dugo Selo, which was warm and cozy, we felt that we had come to our friends. The atmosphere and ambience that the students prepared with exceptional musical welcome, as well as addressing of the school headmaster Mr. Zlatko Radma and his associates, were very touching and memorable.
   After a tour of the Construction, Agricultural and Medical Departments within the School, we got familiar with the conditions of life and work of students and colleagues. During the rest of the day we visited the significant Croatian sanctuary Mother of God of Bistrica in Marija Bistrica, which impressed us, and then our hosts arranged two workshops where we learned the technique of making candles, honey cakes and leceder hearts. Particularly interesting was the workshop in which we learned technique of making pottery items and met wonderful students and teachers. During the visit we stayed at the Museum Staro Selo Kumrovec, the Museum of Krapina Neanderthal man, and food and beverage specialties from Croatian Zagorje we consummated during the lunch held at Vrglec Breg. Professional part of the visit, in addition to our work on the project, included a tour of the General Hospital in Zabok where our colleague Štefica Sukreški familiarized us with the curricula of medical schools ans the way of the realization of exercises, while the staff of the Hospital impressed us with their kindness and work organization.
   Summarizing of impressions and agreement on further activities were continued in a discotheque in Zabok. The entire experience of the visit and all the impressions we took, cannot be put on paper, there are no adequate words to describe to our hosts how much they have done to make us feel very comfortable and highly appreciated. Thanks again to all employees of Bedekovčina Secondary School, Students’ Dormitory and pupils.
   And finally, what makes E-Medica so special as well as the reason why we chose to join it - is the exchange of knowledge, experience and friendship we cherish. If you want to have friends among the people, you need to do something for them, you have to devote time, energy, selfless love and attention. Our hosts Anamarija Pavlin, Natalija Dukarić, Mateja Brčić - students in the project, Dr Suzana Kušek Đanić - Coordinator and Danijela Švigir - mentor with their colleagues and students have succeeded doing so.

  The team that visited Bedekovčina: Branislav Vuletić, coordinator; Aleksandra Topić, mentor; Milan Đekić, teacher; and students: Aleksandar Malić, Željana Ančić, Jelena Marinković i Tijana Bojić.

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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