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Medical Highschool Bjelovar: Hunger  Medical Highschool Bjelovar: Hunger Minimize

T H E    H U N G E R
Project of The Medical Highschool Bjelovar  

    Participating Schools:  1. Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
Sescondary School Čazma
Date:  June 10, 2015
Project Leaders:  1. Željka Holjević  (zholjevic@gmail.com), Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
2. Renata Špehar (renata.spehar@bj.t-com.hr), Sescondary School Čazma

Koordinators:  1. Biljana Balenović (biljana.balenovic@bj.t-com.hr), Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
2. Renata Špehar (renata.spehar@bj.t-com.hr), Sescondary School Čazma
Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
1. Bruno Petrović
2. Matej Majerić
3. Martina Grošanić
4. Anđela Filipović

Target Group: 
Highschool students.
Project Objectives: 

Rising awareness about the the problem of the world hunger and negative consequences of malnutririon as well as world's indifference about hunger problem.


Each school participant of this project would work on a certain part of the topic on hunger, and the final result wold be joint project work on hunger analyzing different aspects:
   - The causes of the hunger in the world
   - (Un)willingness to solve the problem
   - Eating problems in the world
   - The areas of the greatest hunger problem in the world.


Students of the participating schools. 

Place of implementation: 
Each school in its own place.
Duration (phases):

December, 2013 to May, 2014

Expected Results: 
Each school sends its own part of the project to the project leader school till May, 2014
Risk Factors:   

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