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Secondary School Pakrac: Is coffee harmful to your health?  Secondary School Pakrac: Is coffee harmful to your health? Minimize

Is coffee harmful to your health?
Project of Secondary School Pakrac

    Name of project:  1. Secondary School Pakrac
2. Secondary School Viktorovac Sisak
3. Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
Date:  Marc 02, 2015.
Project Leaders:  1. Ana Tidlačko (anat13@net.hr), Secondary School Pakrac 
2. Marina Čaić
(marina.caic@gmail.com), Secondary School Viktorovac Sisak
3. Željka Holjević (zholjevic@gmail.com), Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
Koordinators:  1. Danijela Štampf (stampf.dani@gmail.com), Secondary School Pakrac 
2. Marina Čaić
(), Secondary School Viktorovac Sisak
3. Biljana Balenović (biljana.balenovic@bj.t-com.hr), Secondary MedicalSchool Bjelovar
Secodrary Medical School Šibenik
STUDENTS:  Secondary School Pakrac:
Ante Čuljak, Grčić Barbara, Jurković Lucija
Secondary School Viktorovac Sisak:
Petra Gec, Željka Pejaković, Mateja Adamović, Tea Horvat
Secondary Medical School Bjelovar:
Josipa Tutić, Marina Tašić
Targeted groups: 
The high school students.
Project Objectives: 
To investigate the effect of coffee on health.

Each school participating in the project would work on a certain part of the topic, and the final outcome would be a mutual piece of work on the topic from several aspects:
A myth about coffee
-positive and negative effects of coffee on the body
How much coffee a day to consume and how it harms health
-Health problems due to drinking coffee.

Place of implementation: 
Each school performs in its place.
From february 2015. to june 2015.
Expected Results: 
Each school sends its processed theme to school that manages the project by June 2015
Risk factors:   

Sharing in the "Harmful if coffee's health?" and a visit to Bjelovar  Sharing in the "Harmful if coffee's health?" and a visit to Bjelovar Minimize

  Bjelovar - february 02, 2016


The exchange of students in the project "Harmful if coffee's health?"

      Following the appointment of the encounter between the Secondary School Pakrac and Secondary Medical School Bjelovar regarding the project "Harmful if coffee's health?", Participants in the Tuesday, February 2 2016, met in Medical School in Bjelovar.
  From Secondary School Pakrac in the exchange was open to students: Lucia Jurkovic (4b), Barbara Grcic (4b) and Ante Čuljak (4b), and accompanied by their mentor Professor: Diana Štampf and Anne Tidlačko. They are diligently working on the project, which are the leaders.
   From Medical School Bjelovar attendees were students who also work on the project and to Joseph Tutić (4b) and Marina Tasic (4b), accompanied by Zeljka Holjević mentor, prof.
   After getting to know the students are thoroughly passed by materials that individual schools do, but high school students Pakrac all previously merged into one product or presentation. Participants in the project have agreed to minor changes under the watchful eye and advice of his mentor.
   After the agreed exchange students are trained exposure presentations for the upcoming "Days of E-medica".
  After the official part of the meeting which ended around 12.30. The hosts guests spent through their school. They met them with the school director, professional services, and show them the specialized cabinets that are made from the exercise of certain medical professions.

The report written by
Željka Holjević    

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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