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Leading the blind and visually impaired patients
Project of School for Nurses Vinogradska, Zagreb

    Name of project:  1. School for Nurses Vinogradska
School for Nurses Vrapče
Date:  February 25, 2015.
Project Leaders:  1. Miroslava Kičić  mag.med.techn., School for Nurses Vinogradska 
2. Irena Crkvenac 
School for Nurses sestre Vrapče
Koordinators:  1. Daniel Bašić, School for Nurses Vinogradska   
2. Zlatica Šimunović
, School for Nurses Vrapče
School for nurses Vrapče, Zagreb
1. Ivona Roso, Ivana Plečić
2. Antun Kiseljak, Nikolina Merlin
Targeted groups: 
Studentsof medicalschool.
Project Objectives: 

1. Introduction to the prejudices againstblind and visually impairedpatients
2. Promoting awareness amongstudentsof medical schools, the importance of knowing thespecific actionsin the implementation of nursing interventions when conducting care for blind and visually impaired patients
3. Deepening understanding of the importance of proper access to blind and visually impaired patientin their approach.


Students will conduct a survey of the studentsof secondary medical school (the surveyis related top rejudice, knowledge of specific nursing interventions on contact with the blind and visually impaired patients). Acquisition oft he theoretical foundations and skills required for communication with the blind and visually impaired patients.
Changing prejudices concerning the blind and visually impaired patients.
Presentation of examples of good practice (m.s., which can correctly access theblind and visually impaired patient, understanding and knowledgein the pursuit of nursing interventions, npr. Going personal hygiene/brushing teeth...)
Preparation of presentations(Power Point).
Performing workshops for other students.
Visiting Typhlological Museumin Zagreb.

Mentorsandstudents,Employees of the CroatianAssociation of the Blind.
Place of implementation: 
School (classrooms), school (cabinet), premises of the Croatian Association of the Blind.
From April2015 to October 2015.
Expected Results: 
Creatingpositive attitudes, changing/prejudices onblind and visually impairedpatients.The acquisitionof new skillsthat will benefitstudentsin furtherprofessional work.
Risk factors: 

The lack offunds.The lack ofco-workers.

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