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Viktorovac High School Sisak: Melanome  Viktorovac High School Sisak: Melanome Minimize

M  E  L  A  N  O  M  A
Project of Viktorovac High School Sisak

    Name of project:  1. Viktorovac High School Sisak
2. Contemporary dance school Ane Maletić, Zagreb
3. Secondary Medical School Šibenik
Project Leaders:  1. Vesna Herceg
2. Biserka Šavor
3. Krešimir Skugor
Koordinators:  1. Marina Čaić
2. Biserka Šavor
3. Aleksandra Acalin

Viktorovac High School Sisak
STUDENTS:  1. Petra Gec
2. Željka Pejaković
3. Karla Novak
Targeted groups: 
Project Objectives: 
- to raise awareness of the negative effect that UV radiation has on the human health
- to encourage young people to use the right methods of protection and teach them how to expose themselves to the sun in a heathy way

- to raise awareness of the negative effect that UV radiation has on the human health
- to show why melanoma is one the global health issues
- to highlight the importance and usefulness of preventive measures
- by using the student body sample determine different measures students use to prevent the negative effect that UV radiation has on their health keeping in mind the difference between continental and coastal parts of our country
- to encourage students to develop positive relations within a group

Place of implementation: 
From february 2015. to October 2015.
Expected Results: 
- Presentation at Dani E-medice 2015.
- using the taught methods about sun protection later in life

Risk factors:   

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