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Secondary School Bedekovčina:  A Pet, A Friend, A Therapist  Secondary School Bedekovčina: A Pet, A Friend, A Therapist Minimize

Project of The Secondary School Bedekovčina

    Participating Schools:  1. Secondary School Bedekovčina
2. Medical School Bjelovar
3. Medical School Šibenik
Date:   08 June, 2015
Project Leaders:  1. Alojz Mohač  (alomohac@gmail.com), Secondary School Bedekovčina
2. Emilija Kovačević, mr.ph.
  (emilija.j2012@gmail.com), Medical School Bjelovar
3. Lidija Mačukat
 (lidijam9@gmail.com), Medical School Šibenik
Coordinators:  1. Suzana Đanić  (sudanic17@gmail.com), Secondary School Bedekovčina
2. Biljana Balenović  (biljana.balenovic@bj.t-com.hr), Medical School Bjelovar
3. Aleksandra Acalin
 (aleksandra.acalin@si.t-com.hr), Medical School Šibenik
Secondary School Bedekovčina
Secondary School Bedekovčina: Petar Lendl, Matej Turk and Laura Šoban
Medical School Bjelovar: Tamara Kavedžić and Ana-Marija Komljenović
Medical School Šibenik: Stella Furlan and Matea Gemišević
Target Group: 
Patients suffering from diseases which can be treated with therapy and help of specially trained animals.
Therapists who use therapy with specially trained animals.
Project Objectives: 

Get to know the role of pets in people’s lives.
Define the notion of pet therapist/animal therapist.
Learn about therapeutic effects of pets on human health


1. Conduct a survey on the presence of pets in the lives of adults/youth, and what species are considered to be pets (can a pig/a cow be a pet or a therapist)
2. Indicate animals that can be pets and in what way, how they can affect us therapeutically
3. Explain whether an animal has to be trained in order to be a therapist, or non-trained animals can affect us therapeutically, too
4. State and point out examples of animals/pet therapists.



Place of implementation: 
Secondary School Bedekovčna, Medical School Bjelovar  and Medical School Šibenik.
Duration (phases):

January 2015 – September 2015
December 2014 – Strategizing the presentation of the project.
January - Creating the survey.
February- Researching the role of animals in lives of people and the effect of animals on people's physical and mental health in Croatia and i the world.
March – Arranging future action.
June – Gathering materials and joint presentation of the project.
Creating the text that goes together with filmed material.
September – Practicing the presentation of the project.

Expected Results: 
Get to know animal species that are considered to be pets.
Learn about the fields in which animals help people therapeutically.
Explain the therapeutic effect of animals on people.
Define the difference between pet and pet therapist.
Risk Factors:  Insufficient funds, the absence of associates. 

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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