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Secondary Medical School Bjelovar: The Self-Defence  Secondary Medical School Bjelovar: The Self-Defence Minimize

T H E    S E L F - D E F E N C E
Project of The Secondary Medical School Bjelovar  

    Participating Schools:  1. Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
Secondary Medical School Pula
Date:  June 10, 2014
Project Leaders:  1. Anka Došen  (anka.dosen@gmail.com), Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
2. Snježana Svitlić-Budisavljević  (ssvitlic@yahoo.com),
Secondary Medical School Pula
Koordinators:  1. Biljana Balenović  (biljana.balenovic@skole.hr), Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
2. Marija Crljenica-Veneruzzo (mici2307@gmail.com),
Secondary Medical School Pula
Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
1. Ambrozić Matej, Medical School Bjelovar
2. Eleonora Dreta
, Medical School Bjelovar
3. Michaela Tanković
, Medical School Pula
Target Group: 
Students of medical schools.
Project Objectives: 

To inform participants about the issue of violence by recognising a violator together with his psychoprofile, and about the way how to recognise violators in order to defend ourselves from them.


1) To carry out a survey on type and frequency of violent behaviour in and out of school. To what extent are we aware of self-defence and protection from violent people? How much is teaching of self-defence represented in PE classes in school?
2) To show and explain how to defend ourselves from violent people
3) To demonstrate some of the self-defence moves
4) Nurses and violent psycho patients
5) Violence prevention
6) Violence victims rehabilitation
7) To swap ideas and tasks among the schools participating in the project


Everyone applying for taking part in the project. 

Place of implementation: 
Schools and sport halls.
Duration (phases):

January 2015 – September 2015

Expected Results: 
1) Violence prevention
2) Boosting students' self-confidence
3) Psychophisical selfprotection
4) Introduction of more teaching units in PE classes and exercising self-defence moves
Risk Factors:  Finance.

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