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Viktorovac High School Sisak: Self-inflicted wounds during teenage years (Self-mutilation)  Viktorovac High School Sisak: Self-inflicted wounds during teenage years (Self-mutilation) Minimize

Self-inflicted wounds during teenage years (Self-mutilation)
Project of Viktorovac High School Sisak

    Name of project:  1. Viktorovac high school, Sisak
2. Medical school Bjelovar
3. Pakrac high school
Project Leaders:  1. Marina Čaić
2. Marina Šoštarć
3. Danijela Štamf
Koordinators:  1. Marina Čaić
2. Biljana Balenović
3. Vesna Božić

Viktorovac High School Sisak
STUDENTS:  1. Tea Horvat
2. Matea Adamović
3. Tamara Muškinja
4. Ana Bačak
5. Anita Filipović
6. Barbara Grčić
7. Ante Čuljak
8. Lucija Jurković
Targeted groups: 
High school students.
Project Objectives: 
-to educate high-school students about self-mutilation
-to prevent that kind of behaviour of young people
-to raise awareness that people who inflict wounds to themselves should not be stigmatized

- to explore and analyze self-mutilation
- to investigate the percentage of people who do it
- to look into the ways of preventing self-mutilation

Place of implementation: 

1. research stage
2. data analysis stage
3. detailed data elaboration stage
4. conclusion stage
Expected Results: 
- young people will grasp the issue of self-mutilation and raise the society’s awareness about it as well as be able to talk against the stigmatization of such people
Risk factors:  - youth’s risky behaviour and denying the problem can lead to suicide

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