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Secondary Medical School Bjelovar: The Therapeutical Cloning  Secondary Medical School Bjelovar: The Therapeutical Cloning Minimize

The Therapeutical Cloning
Project of The Medical School Bjelovar  

    Participating Schools:  1. Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
2. Medical College Zagreb
3. Secondary Medical School Pula
Date:  June 10, 2014
Project Leaders:  1. Maja Juković  (vargmaja@gmail.com), Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
2. Hrvoje Malić  (hrvoje.malic@yahoo.com),
Medical College Zagreb
3. Kristina Majer  (vargmaja@gmail.com), Secondary Medical School Pula
Koordinators:  1. Biljana Balenović  (biljana.balenovic@bj.t-com.hr), Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
Kleofina Butući  (klea.butuci@gmail.com), Medical College Zagreb
3. Marija Crljenica Veneruzzo  (mici2307@gmail.com), Secondary Medical School Pula
Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
Target Group: 
Students of medical schools.
Project Objectives: 

To inform the participants about cloning particular organs or the whole organism. Ethical issues and dilemmas of cloning. Differences between reproductive and therapeutical cloning. Some facts of up-to-date achievements of cloning. To define advantages and to point out dangers and possible abuse of cloning.


1) Carry out a survey on cloning awareness
2) To conduct a talkroom on advantages and disadvantages of cloning
3) To explain cloning procedure
4) To explain the relationship between medically assisted pregnancy and cloning
5) Relation between religion and science in the proces of therapeutical cloning
6) To specify the difference and connection between reproductive and therapeutical cloning
7)To swap ideas and tasks between the schools participating in the project


Everyone applying for taking part in the project. 

Place of implementation: 
Duration (phases):

From January 2014 to September 2014

Expected Results: 
1) To inform the participants about cloning procedure
2) To explain the concept of reproductive and therapeutical cloning
3) Ethical dilemmas and dangers of cloning
4) To stimulate the participants to think and make right decisions
Risk Factors:  Finance.

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