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Project of School for nurses Vrapče, Zagreb

    Name of project:  1. 1. School for nurses Vrapče, Zagreb
2. School for nurses Vinogradska
, Zagreb
3. School for nurses Mlinarska
, Zagreb
4. Medical school, Varaždin
Date:  March 02, 2015.
Project Leaders:  1. Aleksandra Vidoša, aleksandra.vidosa@gmail.com
2. Sandra Samošćanec
, sssamoscanec@gmail.com
3. Ksenija Janjušević
, 1ksenija1@gmail.com
4. Miroslava Kičić
, mkicic81@gmail.com
Koordinators:  1. Zlatica Šimunović, zlatica.simunovic@skole.hr
2. Natalija Šnidarić
, natalija.snidaric@skole.hr
3. Ksenija Janjušević
, 1ksenija1@gmail.com
4. Danijel Bašić
, daniel.basic@skole.hr
School for nurses Vrapče, Zagreb
1. Rebeka Meglić, Tea Kosalec
2. Dajana Benko, Andrea Ivošević
3. Marija Sabol, Dajana Ratković
4. Ivona Roso, Ivana Plečić

Targeted groups: 
Students and teachers from schools participating at project, other E medica participants, local communities.
Project Objectives: 

To promote use of bike as a vehicle, point at trafic infrastructural needs, collect data.


data collection, development of the survey , making posters and leaflets, presentation, education.

Schools in project , bicyclist organizations, bicyclist union, local community.
Place of implementation: 
Zagreb, Varaždin, Tuheljske Toplice
March-May, planning, division of tasks, project work, data collection and processing
May to September, preparing presentations and finishing work.
Expected Results: 
Promoting bicicle as healty vehicle, promoting sustainable development at local comunities.
Risk factors: 

Lack of financing sources, poor weather conditions, lack of interest at targeted groups.

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