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Project of School for nurses Vrapče, Zagreb

    Name of project:  1. School for Nurses Vrapče
2. High School Bedekovčina
3. School of Nursing Mlinarska
4. Medical School Beograd
Date:  November 22, 2015.
Project Leaders:  1. Mirjana Kozina, School for Nurses Vrapče, mkozina64@gmail.com
2. Tatjana Papst
, Secondary School Bedekovčina, tatjanapm@gmail.com
3. Vlatka Adžić
, School for Nurses Mlinarska, a.vlatka@gmail.com
4. Sandra Mitrović
, Medical School Beograd, bella@ptt.rs
Koordinators:  1. Suzana Đanić, Secondary School Bedekovčina, ivan.danic@zg.t-com.hr
2. Marica Bakin
, School for Nurses Mlinarska, marica_bakin@hotmail.com
3. Zlatica Šimunović
, School for Nurses Vrapče, zlatica.simunovic@gmail.com
4. Sandra Mrdjen
Medical School Beograd, mrdjensandra@gmail.com
School for nurses Vrapče, Zagreb
School for Nurses Vrapče;
1. Renee Mixich
2. Ivana Blažeka
3. Ana Hršak

HighS chool Bedekovčina:
1. Lucija Meštrović
2. Marko Čanadi
3. Magdalena Horvat
4. Ana Pavlin
5. Petra Balić

School of Nursing Mlinarska:
1. Dajana Benko
2. Ana Jurec
3. Tanja Vrščak

Medical School Beograd:
1. Marija Pločarec
2. Nevena Živković
3. Magdalena Petrović
4. Sanja Sušić
5. Katarina Kilibarda

Targeted groups: 
Students of all school participants of E-medica.
Project Objectives: 

Becoming aware of the importance of volunteerism at theinternationallevel.
Encouraging students to playanactive role insociety.
Developing awarenessoftheimportanceofmutualaid.
Using moderntechnology in finding information regarding needs forvolunteering, mutual communication and preparation of project presentation.


Explaining aconcept and a definition of international volunteering.
Encouraging mutual understanding and activities insolving problems in society.
Exploring opportunities for international volunteering experiences in our community.
Conducting a common volunteering action of all partner schools for Africa.
Organizing a wider volunteering action for the children of Africa.

Volunteers' Centre Zagreb; UNICEF, Mary'sMeals.
Place of implementation: 
Places - - schools participating in the project and partner agre edlocations.
   9 months
Phase 1: anagreement of all partners on planned activities and task sharing (March)
Phase 2: work of students from particular partner school on theirtask (April)
Phase 3: a meeting of partner schools to assess the course of the project, anagreement on joint voluntary activities and student exchange(May)
Phase 4: Finalization of the project - meeting of school partners to discuss the presentation of the work and the results oft heproject (September, October)
Duringall phases : Continuous in formation exchange and work coordination among the participants.
Expected Results: 
The interest for international volunteering.
Including a larger number of students in volunteering activities in their schools in collecting the help to children of Africa.
The development of self-esteem by engaging in volunteer activities.
Ideas for new volunteer projects.
Tolerating cultular diversity.
Risk factors: 


First students exchange from School for Nurses Vrapče, Mlinarska and Secondary School Bedekovčina  First students exchange from School for Nurses Vrapče, Mlinarska and Secondary School Bedekovčina Minimize


The first student exchange of the project "Volunteering without borders"

     The first student exchange of the E-medica project "Volunteering without borders" took place on December 18, 2015 in Zagreb, and in exchange the following students and mentors participated: Renee Mixich, Ivana Blažeka i Mirjana Kozina from School for Nursing Vrapče Zagreb, Ana Pavli, Petra Balić i Tatjana Papst from Secondary School Bedekovčina, and Dajana Benko i Marica Bakin from School for Nursing Mlinarska Zagreb.

   The exchange started with the meeting on the Ban Jelačić Square. From there the group went to Zagreb Volunteer Center to meet with Darija Jandrečič, the manager of International Volunteering Service, who introduced us with volunteering beyond the national borders of Croatia.
   After warming up with the pop-quiz, we learned a lot about the forms and possibilities of international volunteering. Through a little workshop called "Volunteer in an international camp" we learned about the necessary knowledge and values one must acquire to become an international volunteer. We also got informed about the possibilities, advantages and the risks of that kind of work.

   In the leisurely holiday atmosphere of Zagreb we agreed on the further steps: we arranged the final version of the project, and planned one more student exchange, that will take place in January 2016 in Bedekovčina.

Mirjana Kozina, mag.med.techn., project manager, mentor

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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