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Realized joint student projects 2016/2017  Realized joint student projects 2016/2017 Minimize


    School coordinators, in collaboration with school managers and project management teams led down listed 24 projects, and in these pages we publish them once they are fully completed and presented at the 10th Festival "Days of E-medica 2017", held from 16 - 19 March 2017 at the "Well" in Terme Tuhelj.
   These projects were in the last school year found in the section "Projects in progress", and at the end, after the confirmation of the leaders of project teams and school coordinators, "migrated" to the "Realized projects".

   As the basis for our work to promote cooperation and communication technologies, it is the foundation of this segment develop joint projects between two to five schools, and the use of ICT in their communication and processing of design topics. In developing joint projects with students working together, using all forms of communication (email, Adobe Cinect, Polycom, Live Meeting, Skype, Facebook, Twitter ...)
   Također želimo napomenuti da suradnja više škola na izradi zajedničkog projekta mora rezultirati jednom jedinstvenom prezentacijom projekta, te da se svi materijali (prezentacija, video i audio materijali, ankete, dokumenti...) dostavljaju na email nacionalne voditeljice projekata Zlatice Šimunović. n this way, all visitors to our official website E-medica can see your work and use it in their teaching needs.


      The joint student projects presented at the 10th Festival "Days of E-medica 2017":
  1. The Health of Kidneys – The Choice Is Yours
  2. Food – When Healthy Is Unhealthy
  3. Martial Arts And Health
  4. Ergonomic
  5. Financial Literacy- Can High School Students Manage Their Money?
  6. Natural Cosmetics 2: Use of herbs in cosmetics
  7. Dark History Of Mental Institutions
  8. "Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire" – The Story Of dr Jozo Jagodić
  9. Why We Don't Smoke
  10. Euthanasia
  11. Biological Drugs In The Treatment Of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
  12. Ah, these hormones
  13. Heart Mine & Yours Stay in Love
  14. Sport and people with disabilities
  15. Albino
  16. Depression In Adolescence
  17. Life of children with diabetes type 1
  18. How they treated our ancestors (gradmother and grandfather)
  19. Cyborg Ethics
  20. Influence Of Music On Youth
  21. Why we eat when we are not hungry
  22. Heart Attack - No Matter What, It's From The Heart
  23. Protein diet
  24. Abdominal Breathing - influence on voice and speech

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