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A  L  B  I  N  O
Project of Medical School Šibenik

    Participating Schools:  1. Medical School Šibenik
2. Medical School Pula
Date:  June 10, 2016
Project Leaders (e-mail):  1. Antonija Žaja (antonijazaja@gmail.com), Medical School Šibenik
2. Sanja Benazić-Kliba
(sanja.benazic.kliba@gmail.com), Medical School Pula
Coordinators (e-mail):  1. Aleksandra Acalin (aleksandra.acalin@skole.hr), Medical School Šibenik
2. Marija Crljenica-Veneruzzo
Medical School Pula
Leader School:  Medical School Šibenik
1. Mia Peran, Medical School Šibenik
Iva Ušljebrka
, Medical School Šibenik
3. Željka Prebanda, Medical School Šibenik
Martina Jurišić
, Medical School Pula
Dora Ereš
, Medical School Pula
6. Naomi Dekonte
, Medical School Pula
Target Group:  All students , participants in the project.
Project Objectives: 
Familiarize participants with Albinism and develop a tolerance for people who look different from the rest.

- Explain what is albinism , describe the types of albinism and specify the problems faced albino people
- Truths and myths about albino people
- The incidence of albinism in this region
- Enumerate the famous albino peoples , conduct a survey among students about prejudice about albino peoples.

Collaborators:  All students and tutors registered schools.
Place of implementation:  The schools participating in the project , via Skype or Facebook.
Duration (phases):  From September 2016 to muster E-medica 2017
Expected Results:  Creating positive attitudes and prejudices off about albino peoples.
Risk Factors:


Documents of project:  Albino  Documents of project: Albino Minimize

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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