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C Y B O R G    E T I C S
Project of Secondary School Koprivnica

    Participating Schools:  1. Secondary School Koprivnica
2. Secondary Medical School Bjelova
Date:  June 15, 2016
Project Leaders (e-mail):  1. Marija Križić (marija.krizic@gmail.com), Secondary School Koprivnica
2. Marina Šostaric
(marina.sostaric@gmail.com), Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
Coordinators (e-mail):  1. Željka Galešić (zeljka.galesic@gmail.com), Secondary School Koprivnica
2. Biljana Balenović
(biljana.balenovic@gmail.com), Secondary Medical School Bjelovar
Leader School:  Secondary School Koprivnica

Target Group:  Medical school students.
Project Objectives: 
The impact of “cyborgization” people on the development of society as a whole and the consequences.

1. Ethical issues concerning the improvement of the natural human being.
2. Define cyborg ethics.
3. Installation of parts or organs in the human body.
4. Introduction to the development cyborg ethics.

Collaborators:  Mentors and students. Employees of health care institutions.
Place of implementation:  Schools, libraries , healthcare facilities.
Duration (phases):  From June 2016 to February 2017
Expected Results:  Learning about new ways technology for treatment.
Risk Factors:


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