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Project of School for Nurses Mlinarska Zagreb: Ergonomic  Project of School for Nurses Mlinarska Zagreb: Ergonomic Minimize

Project of School for Nurses Mlinarska Zagreb

    PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS:  1. School For Nurses Mlinarska
2. Medical and chemical high school Novo mesto, Slovenia
3. Maritime school Zadar
Date:  19th May, 2016.
PROJECT LEADERS (e-mail):  1. Đurđica Stanešić (dstanesic1@gmail.com), School For Nurses Mlinarska
2. Barbara Stopar
(barbara.stopar@sc-nm.si), Medical and chemical high school Novo mesto
3. Božica Magaš
(bozicamag@gmail.com), Maritime school Zadar
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Natalija Šnidarić (natalija.snidaric@skole.hr)
2. Mojca Simončić
3. Marin Perinić
Leadesr School:  School for Nurses Mlinarska Zagreb
1. Antonija Vincent, School For Nurses Mlinarska
2. Karla Magzan
, School For Nurses Mlinarska
3. Ivana Leljak
, School For Nurses Mlinarska
4. Timotej Bučar
, Medical and chemical high school Novo mesto
5. Anja Berk
, Medical and chemical high school Novo mesto
6. Eva Kralj
, Medical and chemical high school Novo mesto
7. Petra Bikić
, Maritime school Zadar
8. Nino Aleksić
, Maritime school Zadar
Target Group: 

Project Objectives: 
To define ergonomy
To identify ergonomic factors work surronding: microclimates conditions, lighting, noise, vibrations, load of muscle bone system, etc.
to recognize economic particularities: in class, on clinic practice (department with disabled pacients) and on the ship
To identify risky factors for health
To suggest systems selfprotection: what can we do for ourselves to reduce the risk of unforable influence on health
To present examples of ergonomic solutions that facilitate work
To develop communitation and social student skills
To develop team work
To guide peer education.
Research part:
Study literature: what is ergonomic and what it does- Medical school Mlinarska
To research ergonomic particularities in class- all three schools
To research ergonomic particularities in clinic pratices- Medical and chemical high school Novo mesto, Slovenia and Medical school Mlinarska
To research ergonomic particularities on the ship- Maritime school Zadar
After collected informations about ergonomic particularities it is necessery to recognize risky factors for health and submit how to selfprotect. – all three schools
To show good ergonomic solutions- all three schools
Making a flyer about ergonomy-team work of all students
Students exchangings are planning.

Place of implementation:  Zagreb, Zadar and Novo mesto. 
Duration (phases):  Choosing project theme (March, 2016)
Choosing cooperation schools (March, 2016)
Literature review and tasks divison between cooperation schools (April/May, 2016)
Project work (May, June, September, October, 2016)
First student exchange (September, 2016)
Second student exchange (October or November, 2016 or January, 2017)
Final activities and making project presentation (January, February 2017)
Expected Results:  Goal realization.
Risk Factors:


Second exchange: Students from Zagreb & Zadar visited Novo mesto  Second exchange: Students from Zagreb & Zadar visited Novo mesto Minimize

Second exchange in the project "Ergonomics

Students from Mlinarska end Naval School in Novo mesto

   The second student exchange in the Ergonomics project, whose holder is Škola za medicinske sestre Mlinarska was realised by a two day trip to the Zdravstvena i kemijska škola in Novo Mesto which is located in Slovenia.
   On Thursday, the 26th of january 2017. we arived in Novo Mesto and after some wandering across that nice town we managed to find the school that is an associate of ours for the project.
   The school is a part of a big school center and we were amazed by their organization and functionality between the different schools in one place. Furthermore, there were students and their mentor from the Pomorska škola Zadar wich arived a day earlier.
   After the warm welcome we all went to the hospital of Novo Mesto. There, we were on a lecture on Ergonomics. The hospital of Novo Mesto promotes ergonomically designed products and ergonomic work for about 10 years.
   After lunch the principal of the school greeted us and introduced us with the organization and programs of the school cente and after that we spend time working on the projects together.
   In the late afternoon we were sightseeing the old city center, and finally went to our hostel.

   On friday the 27th of january we got up verry early because our hosts in Novo Mesto organized group works on the project from 09:00 to 11:00. We agreed about the final presentations for the project and concluded them.
   After that we were we were awaited by the gym professor of their school with a fitness program for us to strech. We were dressed for the occasion because we brought sportswear wich proved to be verry useful. She talked about the importance of the right posture and the right ways to do workouts for the benefit of our spine.
   The fitness program lasted about 45 minutes after wich we rewarded ourselves with refreshing drinks, healthy fruits, coffee and cookies.
   After the fun excercise we went back to work and started finishing our project presentations till lunch time.
  The lunch was at 15:00, wich gave us plenty of time for creative work, exchaning ideas and visual and structural editing of the presentations.
   Afterwards we had a delicious lunch, and said goodbye till the 10. review in Tuhelj.

David Mlakić


Six schools in Mlinarska Zagreb to work on three projects  Six schools in Mlinarska Zagreb to work on three projects Minimize

Students from Pula, Zadar, Varaždin, Slavonski Brod and Novo mesto
in visit  Mlinarska Zagreb

    On October 10, on the premises of Mlinarska School of Nursing a student exchange was organized within three projects: "Financial literacy - Can highschool students manage their money", "Ergonomics" and "Natural cosmetics 2 - The use of medicinal herbs in cosmetics". In exchange we get the students and mentors from the Medical School Pula, Maritime School Zadar, Medical school Varaždin, Secondary Medical School Slavonski Brod, School of Business, Administartion and Commerce Zadar and Medical and Cemical School Novo mesto.
   After getting introduced to each other we took our guests for a tour of our school, where they could take part in our nursing care classes as well as anatomy and physiology classes. After lunch students and mentors continued their activities according to the project schedul

Ivana Skuzin, Ines Banfić, Tea Vujnovac from Varaždin

   Schools participating in this project are Novo Mesto Chemical and Medical School and Zadar Maritime School. The project manager Đurđica Stanešić introduced all participants with the theoretical and practical part of the project. The aim is to research specific issues in the class room, at a hospital ward and on board a ship with regard to ergonomics.
   ...students of Novo Mesto Medical and Chemical School took part in the first student exchange on 10th October, 2016. We visited the Mlinarska School of Nursing in Zagreb. We were all excited about the event. Some of us had already taken part in the project E-Medica. The first impressions were great. We enjoyed the hospitality of our friends and host from 'Mlinarska'.
   We presented our so- far work on the project Ergonomics and the project Kidney Health – your choise. We agreed on our work in the forthcoming months.
   In Zagreb we attended and participated in Anatomy classes and Nursing care classes. We met students from Zadar Maritime School and Zadar Business, Administartion and Commerce School. We agreed to exchange ideas and communicate by means of social media.
   Timotej Bučar and Anja Berk (3rd-graders) who joined us this year, were welcomed in Zagreb, so they are looking forward to a new gathering.

Marija Marguš, 4A ZN, Simona Petretič and Nikola Staniša 4B ZN


Documnets of project: Ergonomic  Documnets of project: Ergonomic Minimize

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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