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Secondary Medical and Chemistry School Novo mesto: Adipositas (Obesity)  Secondary Medical and Chemistry School Novo mesto: Adipositas (Obesity) Minimize

The Adipositas (Obesity)
Project of Secondary Medical and Chemistry School Novo mesto

    PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS:  1. Secondary Medical and Chemistry School Novo mesto
2. Pharmaceutical-physiotherapeutical School Belgrade
3. School for Nurses Mlinarska
4. Medical School Šibenik
Date:  18 May, 2017
PROJECT LEADERS (e-mail):  1. Mojca Simončič, mojsimoncic@gmail.com, Secondary Medical and Chemistry School Novo mesto
2. Renata Deronja, renata.deronja@gmail.com, Pharmaceutical-physiotherapeutical School Belgrade
3. Marija El Aklouk, marija.elaklouk@yahoo.com, School for Nurses Mlinarska
4. Nenad Kerić
, nenad.keric@gmail.com, Medicinska škola Šibenik
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Mojca Simončič, mojsimoncic@gmail.com, Secondary Medical and Chemistry School Novo mesto
2. Biljana Vasić, bixy74@gmail.com, Pharmaceutical-physiotherapeutical School Belgrade
3. Natalija Šnidarić, natalija.snidaric@skole.hr, kola za medicinske sestre Mlinarska
4. Snežana Žaja
, crnica24@gmail.com, Medicinska škola Šibenik
Leadesr School:  Secondary Medical and Chemistry School Novo mesto, Slovenia
1. Lucija Kolenc, Secondary Medical and Chemistry School Novo mesto
2. Sara Cizelj
, Secondary Medical and Chemistry School Novo mesto
3. Nina Imperl
, Secondary Medical and Chemistry School Novo mesto
4. Alimpijevic Jelena
, Pharmaceutical-physiotherapeutical School Belgrade
5. Blagojevic Milica
, Pharmaceutical-physiotherapeutical School Belgrade
6. Markovic Ivana
, Pharmaceutical-physiotherapeutical School Belgrade
7. Patricia Zirdum
, School for Nurses Mlinarska
8. Nensi Dodik
, Medicinska škola Šibenik
Target Group: 
Secondary school students who would like to participate in the project.
Project Objectives: 
Researching obesity and the impact of body weight on people’s health and possibilities of solving weight problems.
- research what obesity is and what is its impact on people's health,
- research the possibilities of solving weight problems (with the use of medications, herbs, different diets…),
- conduct a survey on diet and exercise among young people, measure BMI (body mass index) among 1st year students,
- prepare a plan for a healthy way of reducing body weight.
Collaborators:  Local organisations.
Place of implementation:  Participating schools and areas of research. 
Duration (phases):  - April- May: work plan, videoconference in getting to know each other, allocation of duties,
- June – September: starting the project,
- October: first exchange, working on the project,
- November – December: working on the project,
- January: second exchange/ preparation of the final presentation
Expected Results:  We would like to show an increase of obesity among young people and find best options for solving weight problems among young people.
Risk Factors:

Insufficient funding for the realization.

A meeting of pupils and students from five schools on exchange in the "Adipositas" project in Novo mesto  A meeting of pupils and students from five schools on exchange in the "Adipositas" project in Novo mesto Minimize

Students Exchange in project "Adipositas" in Novo mesto

   During 19 – 20 October 2017 School Centre Novo mesto, the Secondary Medical School, organised the first conference in the project "Adipositas". We hosted students and teachers from School for Nurses Mlinarska, Physiotherapeutic and Pharmaceutical School Belgrade and XI. High School Zagreb. We connected with Medical School Šibenik via videoconference. After a brief reception, we were greeted by Ms Damjana Papež, the headmistress, who presented the School Centre and Secondary Medical and Chemical School. The conference program took us to Health Centre Novo mesto, where we went on foot since the objective of our project is taking care of our health. There we were greeted by Ms Alenka Piškur, the assistant director for nursing, and Ms Petra Žagar, a graduate nurse employed in Health Education Centre.
   In the Health Centre lecture room they first welcomed us and then presented the primary work of the Health Centre and introduced the Health Education Centre work program. Since our area of interest is obesity detection, we asked for detailed explanations on contents connected with the subject. Within Health Centre Education they offer the-so-called slimming school which lasts for 12 weeks. The patient comes with their GP’s referral, enters the physical exercise program involving a physiotherapist and the program of monitoring individual’s eating habits, where their weight is monitored weekly and where they learn about healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. We tested ourselves on the weighing scales for measuring bodily structure, namely we measured our muscle mass, portion of fat and water in our body.
   After the walk back to school, we attended classes. First, Ms Katja Hrovat introduced the school program for pharmacists, Ms Vika Kobola and Mr Uroš Ocepek presented the school work in specialised pharmaceutical classrooms. The guests form School for Nurses Mlinarska attended classes of childcare with Ms Marinka Cerovšek, Ms Gloria Šepec introduced Basic professional knowledge of nursing, the class with Ms Tanja Kulovec, students of assistant nurse program, were making a bag for their work uniform. After lunch we continued work on the project where we presented the already done work on the topic of what obesity is, what its causes are and what the effects on healthy people. We agreed on the work for the oncoming months. We are going to conduct a survey with the first and final years students, calculate ITM from sports charts, prepare prevention material and prepare presentations for schools on healthy lifestyle.After the active part of the meeting, Mr Goran Matešić took us on a guided tour of the old part of Novo mesto and then to Hostel Novak where our guests were staying.s.
   On Friday 20 October we returned full of energy to school where Ms Mirjam Bauer tested our guests on the 2-kilometre-walk test which tells us our physical condition and the capacity of our cardiovascular system. We measured the oxygen level in our blood and our heart rate. We all together attended classes of the pharmaceutical program. Mr Matej Pegam presented the operation of medications, Ms Vika Kobola and Ms Majda Jožef presented titration and with Ms Marica Kralj we learned about the process of making a cream or ointment. The final analysis showed that we spent two nice work days and made the final agreement on the proceeding work in the forthcoming months. We finished this exchanged with lunch and a concluding thought.
   We are all looking forward to our upcoming meeting on "Days of E-medica 2018." in Terme Tuhelj Spa in March and a possible meeting in Belgrade in January 2018.

 Thanks for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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