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Medical School Šibenik: Ancient Therapies for Modern Disorders  Medical School Šibenik: Ancient Therapies for Modern Disorders Minimize

Ancient Therapy for Modern Disorders
Project of Medical School Šibenik

    PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS:  1. Medical School Šibenik
2. Secondary School Pakrac
3. Medical School Bjelovar
Date:  27 April, 2017
PROJECT LEADERS (e-mail):  1. Hrvoje Petrović (hrvoje.petrovic1@skole.hr), Medical School Šibenik
2. Matej Visković
, Srednja škola Pakrac
3. Željka Holjević
, Medical School Bjelovar
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Snežana Žaja (snezana.zaja@skole.hr), Medical School Šibenik
2. Vesna Božić
, Srednja škola Pakrac
3. Marina Šostaric
, Medical School Bjelovar
Leadesr School:  Medical school Šibenik
1. Anđela Peran, Medical School Šibenik
2. Sara Biluš
, Medical School Šibenik
3. Lara Pešić
, Medical School Šibenik
4. Marina Škiljić
, Secondary School Pakrac
5. Anamaria Starčević
, Secondary School Pakrac 
6. Suzana Pritula
, Secondary School Pakrac 
7. Ana Spahija
, Medical School Bjelovar
8. Magdalena Ivanušić
, Medical School Bjelovar
Target Group: 
Students of secondary schools involved in the project E-medica, interested students from various schools to participate in the drafting of the project.
Project Objectives: 

The project has for the purpose of performing the ancient therapeutic modules and skills of the students through lecture and demonstration of skills.
COGNITIVE OBJECTIVES: defining and describing the concepts of therapy and problems, a historical review of the development of physical medicine and rehabilitation, prevention of diseases and the rehabilitation of the individual through the oldest therapeutic methods, noticing and linking of the impact of the work environment and the dynamics of the modern man on the health of the individual, the possibility of evaluation and critical attitude towards facts in the fields of physical therapy and rehabilitation of.
AFFECTIVE OBJECTIVES : readiness for cooperation and collaborative learning, expression of self-respect and respect for others, to represent the culture of dialogue between individuals and groups, functions in a team, to develop communication skills and teamwork.
PSYCHO-MOTOR goals: master the skills and presentation skills of running a workshop.


Investigate and draw attention to the therapeutic methods that were retained from the earliest written data until today.
Carry out research on common problems (emphasis on the musculoskeletal system), which today make up the modern human dysfunctional. The collection of data through the hospital and the Spa Department.
Adoption of skills and knowledge as may be necessary for the implementation of the demonstrations and presentations.

Collaborators:  Students and mentors reported school
Place of implementation:     
Duration (phases):  Until March 2018 - Days of the E-medica 2018
Expected Results: 

-Students cooperation will attempt to answer the question of whether they were the oldest treatment methods have kept today in the hospital and the spa treatment and how much benefits from it has a modern man.
-Raising the level of awareness of their own health and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Risk Factors:

Lack of funds, the absence of associates.

Video conference Šibenik - Pakrac - Bjelovar  (December 14, 2017)  Video conference Šibenik - Pakrac - Bjelovar (December 14, 2017) Minimize

   On Thursday, December 14, 2017,
was held a video conference of the project "Ancient Therapies for Modern Disorders", attended by students and mentors Medical school Šibenik, the High School Pakrac and the Medical School Bjelovar.

   The subject of the video conference was the work on the joint project "Ancient therapy for modern disorders", and the host was Šibenik Medical School with students Anđela Peran, Sara Biluš and Lara Pešić t ogether with their mentor Hrvoje Petrović.
   Together with the students of the Medical school Bjelovar, Ana Spahija and Magdalena Ivanušić and the students of the Pakrac High School, Marin Škiljić, Anamarika Starčević and Suzana Pritula in the presence of their mentors, Željka Holjević and Matej Viskovic, we agreed on guidelines for joint action and shared the tasks for the realization of the project. During the conference we talked about individual topics from the field of physical therapy that will form the axis of the project.
  The project's work involved several institutions including the Thalassotherapy Opatija and the Lipik Special Medical Hospital for Rehabilitation. In addition, the visit of the pupil of the Medical school Šibenik of Thalassotherapy Opatija, which was ralizaton on Thursday, December 7, 2017, was mentioned.
   The visit served as a kind of exercise discipline of students who had not yet met the therapeutic modalities important for the creation of a project whose theme was exclusively related to them.

Project Team of Medical School Šibenik

 Thanks for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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