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Medical School Šibenik: Body Mass Index of High School Students  Medical School Šibenik: Body Mass Index of High School Students Minimize

Body Mass Index of High School Students
Project of Medical School Šibenik

    PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS:  1. Medical School Šibenik
2. Maritime high school Zadar
3. Medical school Celje
4. Medical school Varaždin
Date:  20 April, 2017
PROJECT LEADERS (e-mail):  1. Anita Donđivić (dondivica@gmail.com), Medical School Šibenik
2. Ružica Znaor
, Maritime high school Zadar
3. Martina Jevšinek
, Medical school Celje Celje
    Nataša Krajnc Zakrajšek
, Medical school Celje Celje
    Polona Podlesnik
, Medical school Celje Celje
4. Iva Deloga Habek
, Medical School Varaždin
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Snežana Žaja (snezana.zaja@skole.hr), Medical School Šibenik
2. Marin Perinić
, Maritime high school Zadar
3. Olga Štancar
, Medical school Celje Celje
4. Nataša Vuković
, Medical School Varaždin
Leadesr School:  Medical school Šibenik
1. Antonija Orlović, Medical School Šibenik
2. Josipa Slavica
, Medical School Šibenik
3. Matija Gulan
, Maritime high school Zadar
4. Tena Rončević
, Maritime high school Zadar
5. Gaja Kolenc
, Medical school Celje Celje
6. Lara Novak
, Medical school Celje Celje
7. Anja Rajgl
, Medical school Celje Celje
8. Staša Turk
, Medical school Celje Celje
Target Group: 
Students of participating schools.
Project Objectives: 

Determine BMI of female high school students; Determine differences in values of BMI between first, second, third, fourth and fifth grade female high school students; Promote healthy way of living and exercise.


Measure BMI of first, second, third, fourth and fifth grade female students from different high schools; Conduct the survey about body appearance of that same students; Compare measurement results with results of survey.

Collaborators:  Participating schools, other high schools in the area of participating schools.
Place of implementation:  High schools from Šibensko-Kninska county and other counties whose schools apply for the project.
Duration (phases):  - Project preparation phase (May, June 2017.)
- Research phase (measurement and survey – September, October 2017.)
- Conclusions and confirmation of project thesis phase (November, December 2017.)
- Presentation making and preparations for presenting that presentation (January – March 2018.)
Expected Results: 

The expected result would be evidence of a high percentage of obese female high school students but also of the relatively high percentage of female high school students who are convinced they are obese where in fact they are not.

Risk Factors:

Lack of cooperation.

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