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Medical and Health School Zagreb: Body Memories  Medical and Health School Zagreb: Body Memories Minimize

B o d y   M e m o r i e s
Project of Medical and Health School Zagreb

    PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS:  1. Medical and Health School Zagreb
2. High School Pregrada
3. Hotel and Tourism Vocational Secondary School Zagreb
4. VI Gimnasium Zagreb
Date:  March, 2017
PROJECT LEADERS (e-mail):  1. Tatjana Stibilj Batinić, tatjana.stibilj-batinic@zg.t-com.hr, Medical and Health School Zagreb
2. Andrea Strmečki
3. Gordana Bjelić
4. Mirjana Zeman
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Zlatka Kozjak Mikić, Medical and Health School Zagreb
Leadesr School:  Medical and Health School Zagreb
Target Group: 
Teenagers , young, adults
Project Objectives: 
Students will understand the development and functioning of their own body, know how to properly evaluate and choose physical activity, know how to choose the best for maintaining good health and maintaining good physical functioning, understanding the influence of factors on the development of diseases and disorders of the body, understanding the physical, mental and emotional features of development through adolescence and how this can affect our lives
The foundation is to promote cooperation through the development of a joint project between the jointed schools, and the use of ICT in their communication and processing of project topics. Joint project should result in a unique presentation of the project. In this way, all visitors E – medica web page would be able to see the work and use it for their teaching needs
Collaborators:  High School Pregrada, Hotel and Tourism Vocational Secondary School Zagreb, VI Gimnasium Zagreb and other potential schools in preliminary discussions
Place of implementation:  Zagreb, Pregrada i Tuheljske toplice
Duration (phases):  2017/2018, to implementation in March 2018
Expected Results:  During the project and in the final presentation, ppt presentation will be a presented by the student , final certificate of participation and presentation
Risk Factors:

The lack of funding and enthusiasm

Exchanges in the project "The Body Remembers" in Pregrada  Exchanges in the project "The Body Remembers" in Pregrada Minimize

The first exchange in Pregrada on the project
”Body Memories”

     On Tuesday, the 19th of December, 2017, teachers and students of the Zagreb Health School visited High School Pregrada as part of their shared project "Body Memories". The meeting began with a mutual introduction and an exchange of previous experiences, followed by a tour of the school and the medical classrooms. We were received by Vilmica Kapac, PhD, the principal of the school. It was nice to visit the teachers' lounge and discover that one of the teachers is a former student of the Zagreb Health School, who was able to find herself in the Zagreb Health School Almanac, which we brought as a gift.

   The goal of the meeting was to work on the shared project "Body Memories", which included both the students of High School Pregrada (Helena Leskovar, Karolina Bračević, Tea Fiket, and Lucija Žiger, who are taking the course for general medical nurses / medical technicians) and the Zagreb Health School (Mihaela Škrtić and Mirena Milašinović, who are taking the course for medical cosmeticians). After cooperating on the project and sharing ideas and opinions, we finished the meeting in a positive spirit by sharing a lunch in the student dormitory Secondary School Pregrada.
   Tatjana Stibilj Batinić, the project leader from the Zagreb Health School, thanked High School Pregrada and her colleagues Marinela Rožaj and the coordinator Andrea Strmečki for their hospitality and an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere of the visit.

Andrea Strmečki & Tatjana Stibilj Batinić
Translate Nikola Novaković

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