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Nursing School Jezero – Sarajevo: Fighting stress by doing breathing exercises  Nursing School Jezero – Sarajevo: Fighting stress by doing breathing exercises Minimize

The Fighting Stress by Doing Breathing Exercises
Project of Nursing School Jezero – Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

    PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS:  1. Nursing School Jezero – Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
2. Pharmaceutical and Physiotherapists' School Belgrade, Serbia
3. Secondary School of Health Celje, Slovenia
Date:  May 30, 2017
PROJECT LEADERS (e-mail):  1. Jasminka Kulić, jasminka.kulic@gmail.com,
    Adis Kukuljac adis.kukuljac@smsjezero.edu.ba,
2. Maja Pavlović, pavlovic.k.maja@gmail.com,
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Azra Gec, azra.gec@smsjezero.edu.ba
2. Biljana Vasić, bixy74@gmail.com
Leadesr School:  Nursing School Jezero – Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Target Group: 
Students of the above mentioned schools.
Project Objectives: 
  • To research the anatomy of the respiratory system
  • To visit the Center for Mental Health
  • To survey school students and teachers in order to establish how frequent the problem is amongst the population of both the schools training medical staff
  • To carry out peer education through several workshops to include:
    a) Respiratory training and relaxation techniques
  •  To raise awareness on the importance of breathing correctly and of the body control
  •  To make pamphlets offering recommendations and examples of the exercises
  •  To develop students' communication and social skills and competences
  •  To promote team work
  •  To conduct peer education.
The research phase:

Nursing school - Jezero Sarajevo
(Srednja medicinska škola – Jezero Sarajevo)
   To research the aetiology of sress and factors which lead to stress, to prepare a presentation on the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system, to organise a workshop on the respiratory training and relaxation techniques, to prepare pamphlets offering recommendations, to visit the Center for Mental Health.

Pharmaceutical and Physiotherapists' School Belgrade
(Farmaceutsko fizioterapeutska škola Beograd)
   To conduct a study to establish which occupations are mostly exposed to stress, to organise a lecture for the school students and teachers on strategies of the preservation of one's own health under inadequate conditions alongside with a presentation of the respiratory training, to conduct respiratory trainings lasting seven days with students exposed to stress (just before a test or oral examination) and to make the comparison of the results, to pay visits to the teaching points in Sarajevo and Belgrade.
Collaborators:  Participating schools, Center for Mental Health (Centar za mentalno zdravlje).
Place of implementation:  Sarajevo, Beograd, Celje. 
Duration (phases):  Selection of the project theme (March 2017)
Selection of collaborating schools (March 2017)
Review of the literature and division of tasks between collaborating schools (June 2017)
Activities on the implementation of the project (August, September, October 2017)
The first student exchange (October 2017)
The second student exchange (December 2017. or January 2018)
Final activities and preparation of the project presentation (January, February 2018)
Expected Results:  Confirmation that the application of respiratory techniques reduces the stress level.
Risk Factors:

Lack of financial and/or other means.

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