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Medical School Dubrovnik: Placebo You Are!  Medical School Dubrovnik: Placebo You Are! Minimize

P l a c e b o   Y o u  Are!
Project of Medical School Dubrovnik

    PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS:  1. Medical School Dubrovnik
2. Medical School Šibenik
3. Medical School Pula
4. Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića Zadar

Date:  May 15, 2017
PROJECT LEADERS (e-mail):  1. Mihaela Tepšić, mihaela.krkich@gmail.com
2. Sanja Benazić- Kilba
, sanja.benazic-kliba@skole.com
3. Lidija Mačukat
, lidijam9@gmail.com
. Jelena Kevrić, jkevric@gmail.com
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Marija Čupić, marija.cupic1@gmaail.com, Medical School Dubrovnik
2. Snežana Žaja
, crnica24@gmail.com, Medical School Šibenik
3. Sanja Benazić-Kilba
, sanja.benazic-kliba@skole.com
, Medical School Pula
4. Verica Elveđi
, verica-elvedji@net.hr, Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića Zadar
Leadesr School:  Medical School Dubrovnik
1. Nikolina Nikolac
2. Gabrijela Jovančević
4. Eni Burić
5. Iva Kokić
6. Anamarija Dežmalj
7. Nensi Dodik
8. Ivan Lalić

Target Group: 
Students and school associates working on the project
Project Objectives: 
The aim of the project is to investigate the ability of man to be a placebo for himself through his thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and perceptions. Through the established cases that are presented in the literature, the emphasis is placed on the placebo action of man on himself. We often witness that people end their life believing that the diagnosis has won, and we have also counted countless times that by the power of thought we can cure the most serious diseases.
The latest research into quantum physics, biology and hypnosis confirms that it is possible to transform thoughts that will achieve a placebo effect.
LITERATURE: / as a guide through the realization of the project /
J. Dispenza: Placebo you, Planetopija, Zagreb 2015.
Leading the proposed literature to investigate:
- News of the place
-Placebo effect in the brain
-Placebo effect in the body
-How thoughts change brain and body
-Information to transformation
-Meditation to change beliefs and perceptions
-Sight about the placebo effect applied in classroom instruction.
Collaborators:  Mihaela Tepšić, Medical School Dubrovnik
Lidija Mačukat
, Medical School Šibenik
Sanja Benazić–Kilba
, Medical School Pula
Jelena Kevrić
, Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića Zadar
Place of implementation:  Dubrovnik, Šibenik, Pula, Zadar
Duration (phases):  During the school year 2017-2018
12 months
Phase 1: All partner schools' agreement on planned activities and assignment of tasks
Phase 2: The work of students from a particular partner school on their task
Phase 3: A partner school meeting to assess project progress, agree on joint volunteering activities and exchange students
Stage 4: Finalization of the Project - Meeting of the partner schools for agreement on the presentation of the work and results of the project
During the Phase of All Phases: Permanent information exchange and co-ordination between project participants.
Expected Results:  The results of the research are presented as pp on the E medica, School, in the professional and local press
Occupation for the placebo effect and its use in teaching
Development of self-esteem
Ideas for applying explored and new projects
Risk Factors:

Financial and time constraints

First students exchange in Šibenik on the project "Placebo You Are!"  First students exchange in Šibenik on the project "Placebo You Are!" Minimize

Second students exchange reports concering project
"Placebo You Are!"

(December 13, 2017)


    On Wednesday, December 13, 2017 students of the Medical School of Dubrovnik visited the students of the Šibenik Medical School, who worked with them on a joint project.
   Students Nikolina Nikolac and Antea Puljić as well as with their mentor prof. Mihael Tepšić went to school children of Šibenik medical School, Gabrijel Jovančević, Nensi Dodik and Ivan Lalić and their mentor prof. Lidija Mačukat. During the morning, students exchanged information on the project, presented to each other the knowledge of the placebo effect, its operation and all the possibilities of its application that were being studied in the project and will be presented at the 11th meeting of the physician in Tuhelj in February 2018.
   After the morning morning was followed by an adventurous day trip through the town accompanied by guides, a visit to the Fortress of St. Mihovil and enjoy the advent of Sibenik.
   For an unforgettable day spent at the Šibenik Medical School and the beautiful Šibenik, we thank the Director of Medical school Šibenik prof. Aleksandra Acalin and School Coordinator prof. Snežani Žaja .

Nikolina Nikolac       
Medical School Dubrovnik


 Thanks for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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