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    School coordinators, in collaboration with school managers and project management teams led down listed 28 projects, and in these pages we publish them once they are fully completed and presented at the 12th Festival "Days of E-medica 2019", held from 4 - 7 April 2019 at the hotel "Well" in Terme Tuhelj.
   During the past years, these projects were in the section "Projects in progress", upon completion, after the confirmation of the project team leader and the school coordinator, "relocated" to these "Realized Projects".

   As the basis of our work is to promote cooperation and use of information communication technologies, this is the foundation of this segment to develop joint projects between two to five schools through mutual visits of school teams, as well as the use of information-communication technologies in mutual communication and project theme management. In joint projects, students use common forms of communication (email, Adoba Connect, Skype, Polycom, Facebook, Twiter ...)
   We also want to point out that the collaboration of several schools on the development of a joint project must result in a
one unique presentation of the project, and that all materials (presentation, video and audio materials, surveys, documents ...) are delivered to the email of the national project leader Zlatice Šimunović. In this way, all visitors to our official "E-Medical" web sites can see your work and use it for your teaching needs

      The joint student projects presented at the 12th Festival "Days of E-medica 2019":
  1. Glyphosate, Health At Stake
  2. Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  3. Rare Diseases 2
  4. Body Mass Index of High School Students - 2
  5. Vaccination – Yes Or No
  6. We Eat (No) Healthy At School
  7. Adolescent Hypertension
  8. What Brain Knows About Dancing?
  9. Our Heartbeats
  10. Life path of one (NON) addict
  11. Infection With Communication
  12. Combustion Syndrome At Work
  13. Life With Crohn's Disease
  14. Biological Terrorism
  15. Life With Hemodialysis
  16. Balans - Platform of Life
  17. Innovative Therapies In Cancer Treatment
  18. One Day Without Mobile Phone
  19. Tradition Which Heals
  20. Organ Trafficking
  21. Squeeze Or Show Your Teeth
  22. Therapeutic Dogs
  23. Rhythm With A Horse
  24. To Health On Two Wheels
  25. Creative Learning
  26. Yoga In Service of Health and Satisfaction
  27. Storytelling As A Cure
  28. Medicine Through Literature


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