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Project of Medical School Šibenik: "Biological Terrorism"  Project of Medical School Šibenik: "Biological Terrorism" Minimize

Biological Terrorism
Project of Medical School Šibenik

    Participating Schools:  1. Medical School Šibenik
Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanća - Zadar
Date:  March 13th 2018
Project Leaders (e-mail):  1. Nenad Kerić (nenad.keric@gmail.com) Medical School Šibenik
2. Danijela Kovačević (danijela.kovacevic@skole.hr)
Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića - Zadar
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Snežana Žaja (snezana.zaja@skole.hr) Medical School Šibenik
2. Tanja Serdarević (tanja.serdarevic@skole.hr) Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića - Zadar
Leader School:  Medical School Šibenik
1. Đurčinović Ivana, Medical School Šibenik
2. Jakelić Anamaria
, Medical School Šibenik
3. Jovančević Gabriela
, Medical School Šibenik
4. Lorena Balen
, Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića - Zadar
5. Lorena Lulić
, Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića - Zadar
Target Group: 
Middle-age pupils.
Project Objectives: 
A project to realize the reality of the danger and possible consequences of biological terrorism.

1. Define the term, state the historical view, the most common and most dangerous forms of protection
2. Take a survey of students with graphical data processing
3. Represent the PPT as stated.

Place of implementation:  School Project Participants.
Duration (phases):  March 2018 - February 2019
Expected Results:  Recognizing the need for ongoing implementation and improvement of protection measures from the same.
Risk Factors:

Financial Limits.

 Synopsis of project   "Biological Terrorism"   Synopsis of project "Biological Terrorism" Minimize

   Understand the reality of the dangers and possible consequences of biological terrorism and recognize the need for permanent implementation and improvement of protection measures.
   In this way, encourage students to team work and co-operation, with the development of personal opinion in conflict with the opinions of other participants. Encourage them to run independently, analyze, compare, decide, solve problems, make their views, discuss and make a project.

THE FIRST STAGE (March, April 2018)
- Agreement with Snežana Žaja School Coordinator on project application at the 12th E-Medica Days
- Choice of names and drafting of the project's framework plan
- Report schools interested in co-operation on the project
- Selection of 2-3 students interested in project work, their reference in the same with the necessary help
- Exchange of contact data and communication with all project participants

SECOND STAGE (May, June, September 2018)
- Study available literature on the subject and use other sources of knowledge
- Exchange student ideas about how to implement the project itself
- Along with ongoing communication to arrange specific school activities and deadlines for their performance
- Monitor and analyze, identify problems and resolve them timely
- Document and record done

THIRD STAGE (October, November, December 2018)
- Analysis of the done, evaluation of the work done so far
- Permanent communication between the project participants
- Planning 1-2 pupils' exchanges (in each of the participating schools) with regard to analyzes of the done and better acquaintance of students
- Observation of possible problems in the realization of the project and their resolution, and further refinement of the project
- Agreement on how to present the project as a product of teamwork

FOURTH ETAPA (January, February 2019)
- Finishing and conducting project implementation
- Final project evaluation, ongoing communication among project participants
- Follow-up deadlines for submitting final projects and registration of participants
- Presentation of the 12 E-Medica celebrities
- Exchange ideas on new projects and agreements on further cooperation

Exchange in projects "Vaccination – Yes Or No" and "Biological Terrorism" (September 8, 2018)  Exchange in projects "Vaccination – Yes Or No" and "Biological Terrorism" (September 8, 2018) Minimize

Students exchange in projects "Vaccination – Yes Or No" and "Biological Terrorism"
(September 8, 2018)


    On September the 8th, 2018. students of Medical school Šibenik Petar Uroda, Gabrijela Jovančević and Anamaria Jakelić came to Medical school Ante Kuzmanića Zadar with their mentor Nenad Kerić. They were welcomed by students Petra Bralić, Nikola Žilić, Lorena Balen and Lorena Lulić, national leader of E-medica project Edin Kadić, school coordinator Tanja Serdarević, mentor in project "Vaccination – Yes Or No" Jelena Kevrić and mentor in project "Biological Terrorism" Danijela Kovačević.

   After complimentary speaches and initiatory company, we went for school sightseeing and then worked on projects during which two videoconferences were held with schools partners in project "Vaccination – Yes Or No", Medical School Dubrovnik and Dental Technical School Belgrade.
   Exchange participants and their hosts then went for old town sightseeing and afterwards on lunch after which they said goodbye to each other with annonuncenment of new exchange in Šibenik

Students impressions...

Anamarija Jakelić:
    After coming to school we were warmly welcomed by all the participants in the project.
The students of the medical school in Zadar talked about the history of their school and its dignity and its long-lasting tradition with the students.
  We went to a school tour and the cabinets they used to teach their students of different directions. Assignment was a confirmation of participation in the exchange of students and we went towards the direction of the seafront where we came to Greeting to the sun and we also met other sights of the city of Zadar. Most impressed me with old sister uniforms that were displayed at the entrance of the school.
The impressions of the meeting are very positive and we are looking forward to the reunion.

Gabrijela Jovančević:
    The exchange was welcomed by the cordial representatives of the Ante Kuzmanić Medical School in Zadar. They showed us their teaching space including cabinets for health exercises from different directions. Later we participated in 2 video conferences with Dubrovnik and Belgrade. We agreed on working guidelines and set basic goals and dates for completing individual chapters and making polls.
   Together we visited the city and famous sights such as "Sea Organ" and "Greetings to the Sun". We walked through the Forum and visited the classical gymnasium. After a full day's work we went to lunch. I most liked the responsibility and the creation of memories with the new society and I look forward to further cooperation. :)

Petar Uroda:
    On exchange of students in the T-medica project I got new acquaintances and met the Ante Kuzmanić Medical School and Zadar landmarks. I am delighted with the hospitality and hospitality of the host and I look forward to further work.


 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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