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Project of School for Nurses Vrapče:  "What Does the Brain Know About Dance?"  Project of School for Nurses Vrapče: "What Does the Brain Know About Dance?" Minimize

What Brain Knows About Dancing?
Project of School for Nurses Vrapče, Zagreb

    Participating Schools:  1. School for Nurses Vrapče
2. School of Contemporary Dance Ane Maletić
3. School for Nurses Mlinarska
4. Secondary School Koprivnica
Date:  March 15th 2018
Project Leaders (e-mail):  1. Irena Crkvenac (irena.crkvenac@gmail.com), School for Nurses Vrapče
    Zlatica Šimunović
School for Nurses Vrapče
2. Biserka Šavora
School of Contemporary Dance Ane Maletić
3. Suzana Đanić
School for Nurses Mlinarska
4. Petra Šimunić (teccanina2@gmail.com), Secondary School Koprivnica
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Zlatica Šimunović (zlatica.simunovic@skole.hr), School for Nurses Vrapče
2. Biserka Šavora
(bsavora@gmail.com), School of Contemporary Dance Ane Maletić
3. Natalija Šnidarić
School for Nurses Mlinarska
4. Željka Galešić (zeljka.galesic@gmail.com), Secondary School Koprivnica
Leader School:  School for Nurses Vrapče
1. Veronika Gregurić Rakijaš, School for Nurses Vrapče
2. Vanessa Ceković
, School for Nurses Vrapče
3. Karla Žuglić
, School of Contemporary Dance Ane Maletić
Damian Vereš, School of Contemporary Dance Ane Maletić
5. Ema Domenika Umičević
, School for Nurses Mlinarska
Marta Strejček, School for Nurses Mlinarska
7. Viktorija Savić, Secondary School Koprivnica
Target Group: 
Project Objectives: 
- studying different sources of knowledge for the purposes of information, research analysis, comparison
- solving problems, making statements, discussing, deciding - teamwork / co-operation and peer education
- asking for answers to questions:
What role does dancing have on the brain?
How does dancing affect the brain?
What are the medical predispositions for dancing?
How does dancing affect the health, social, emotional and cognitive development of young people dancing?

- study available literature (books, magazines, web ...) about brain and dance and existing research on this topic, visit HIIM
- to attend a professional lecture, to speak with the lecturer
- Talk to students and teachers of dance schools - different dance styles - to compare opinions, attitudes, knowledge ... young people dealing with some dance, those who they only dance from fun and not dancers
- agree on the content and presentation of the project (PP presentation, moving pictures, role play dance ...)
- exchange with students of cooperative schools
- prepare and present the work

Collaborators:  doc.dr.sc. Goran Sedmak, Croatian Institute for Brain Research 
Place of implementation:  of the participating schools in the project and Croatian Institute for Brain Research
Duration (phases):  March 2018 - March 2019
Project theme selection (March 2018)
Choosing Schools in Collaboration (March 2018)
Browse and select literature, listen to lectures - agree on the future course of the project and tasks, narrowing / spreading the topic (May / June 2018)
Project work - visit of HIIM, development of survey instrument, survey / questionnaire / scale ... elaboration - analysis of results (June 2018 - January 2019)
The first student exchange (May 2018)
Second Student Exchange (September 2018)
Third exchange of students (January 2019)
Final activities and presentation of the project presentation (February 2019)
Expected Results:  to know the benefit the brain has of dancing, how dancing influences its function, but also how the brain affects dance
Risk Factors:


Synopsis of project   "What Does the Brain Know About Dance?"  Synopsis of project "What Does the Brain Know About Dance?" Minimize

Former knowledge
   At this moment it does not really matter if you do not have coordination and dancing skills, or if you are a proffesional dancer. What we want to know is; have you ever truly danced? We are sure that you have. We are a group of people who are so interested in finding out, that we turned our curiosity into a project, what role does really brain have while we dance. Even those ‘lost cases’ that reffer to their dancing skills as if they "have two left legs", are still moving their bodies in a rythm to their favourite song. Music inspires dance, there is no doubt about it, but how does our brain processes those mechanical waves we reffer to as sound? The brain is actually a mediator between music and dance.
Experimentally wise we try to realise how our brain functions while we dance. Brain here has a big role but it is not that hard to forget that brain is actually controlling our body, while we are jumping, having fun and overall dancing while listening to brand new song from our favourite band.
Objective and outcome of the project
   This project will help us answer questions such as: "What role does brain have while dancing?", which is referring to the knowledge of all the lobes of a brain that have different functions and roles. "How does dance impact our brain?" question which answer will help us determine what role dance has in developing our brain and it's functions.
Concept and methods of work
   We will team up and discuss all of our knowledges and experiances before and after our research, we will listen the lectures about dance and the brain, listen and hopefully learn enough. We will do surveys in which we will question certain groups of people that we feel like will be willing to get us to the proper answer. While doing the project we will answer those questions that we mentioned earlier and many more that will come to us after gaining enough information to do so. For fully developing this project we will take ourselves two years from now, therefore we will have enough time and space to do a quality research and gain further information for the continuation of the project. The project is made so that even though we may not have the opportunity ourselves to make scientifically approachable data, we will use the data we collect and find acceptable during our jurney for developing our research. The process of gaining and analyzing information and data, will give us enough scientific facts which we will be able to use to get the best possible results. We believe that this project will bring us to the better understanding of the connection between our brain and the power of dance.

The third exchange in Koprivnica on "What Does the Brain Know About Dance?" (November 12, 2018)  The third exchange in Koprivnica on "What Does the Brain Know About Dance?" (November 12, 2018) Minimize

The third exchange in Koprivnica on project "What Does the Brain Know About Dance?"
(November 12, 2018)


   On Monday morning, 12th of November 2018, we, students and mentors from School for Nurses Mlinarska and Nursing schooSchool for Nurses Vrapče met at Zagreb Glavni kolodvor (main railway station in Zagreb), regarding our third student exchange. We gathered there so we could catch a train to Koprivnica, the town where our exchange is going to be held this time.

   When we arived to Koprivnica, we were pleasantly welcomed by our associoates from Koprivnica high school. They led us to their school and once we got there we settled and started to present our previous knowledge about our theme project and talked about potential changes in our plans. We again asked ourselves questions like: "What even dance is, for us?" and "What do we want from this project?".
   After discussion about the project, Petra Šimunić, mentor from Koprivnica high school who is otherwise engaged in dancing held an interesting class for us. During her class we tried relaxation and body awareness techniques, worked on coordination of movementand at the end we tried a motion synchronization game with partners.
   We had a lot of fun and were sorry that our associates from Contemporary dance school Ana Maletić couldn't be there. After the class we went to the main square and into the "Beerhouse Kraluš" and tried the local speciality „bregofska pita“ which is an awesome piece of a pie you wont find anywhere out of the area. After our meals have been finished, we talked a little bit more about the project's direction and what would we want it to be like. Accompanied by The principal of Koprivnica high school and our associate Victoria we left the place and headed to the Koprivnica's railway station.

Vanessa i Veronika, School for Nurses Vrapče

   "This exchange left a positive inpact on me. The thing that I liked the most was the dance group where I was in pair with Ema. We had a great time and made a great effort. Also I loved the pie that we ate in the caffe when the exchange was over" - Vanessa

   "I have never been in Koprivnica before, so the town left me delighted. I also think we should eat more often on these exchanges! Everyone was very kind and I'm really thankful for the workshop miss Petra held for us. I felt great" - Veronika

Exchange of project "What Does The Brain Know About Dance" (June 19, 2018)  Exchange of project "What Does The Brain Know About Dance" (June 19, 2018) Minimize

2nd student exchange of project "What Does The Brain Know About Dance"


    Tuesday, 19th of June 2018 we, the school participants in the project "What Does The Brain Know About Dance" (School for Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić, Zagreb, High School Koprivnica, School for Nurses Mlinarska and School for Nurses Vrapče) gathered together on our second student exchange in the Nursing school Mlinarska in Zagreb.

   The host of this exchange prof. Suzana Đanić gave us a tour around their school through the casual walk and interesting stories. She showed us- various classrooms, a student home within the school and equipped rooms for practicing nursing skills.
    Purpose of this exchange was to present and higlight pros and cons of the literature we were given during our first student exchange which was held in School for Contemporary Dance Ane Maletić (on the 9th of May 2018).
   The studies we have read showed us how dancing had a role in history of psyhiatric patients treatment, wich we had no idea about. We have also learned that dancing affects socialization and bonding between people and got a sense of the origin of the movement, how the body formes it and the technique behind performing it, and of course how the music affect it.
   After every student presented a certain part of the literature, we started to form and write down our own ideas for developing and presenting our project.
   At the end of our meeting our mentors told us to individually think about some ideas that we'll upgrade later. Our mentors listened to our ideas and wrw happy to support us and bring out some advices that encouraged us to countinue creative development of our project.
   After our meeting we hanged out a little bit more talking about our next student exchanged wich we all look foward to. Next student exchange will be held in Koprivnica

Vanessa Ceković


Exchange of students in the project "What Does the Brain Know About Dance?" (Wednesday, May 9, 2018)  Exchange of students in the project "What Does the Brain Know About Dance?" (Wednesday, May 9, 2018) Minimize

Students exchange in the project  "What Does The Brain Know About Dance?"


   On Wednesday, 9'th of May 2018. we, the school participiants in the project "What Does The Brain Know About Dance" (Contemporary dance school Ana Maletić, Koprivnica high school, Nursing school Mlinarska and Nursing school Vrapče) gathered together on our first student exchange in the Contemporary dance school Ana Maletić around 6PM so we, the students working on the project and teachers mentoring us, could meet and exchange ideas, contact numbers, jokes and smiles but also listen a lecture about functions of the brain while dancing.

    Through the casual meeting we had fun talking and getting to know each other. We also exchanged ideas we had on our mind and to be a bit more serious, each student participating in the project got the assignment to read a certain part of the literature we found and prepared before the gathering, until the second exchange. We agreed that the second time we all get together, the students will present their part of the literature and share gotten opinions about it. We will highlight the points we think matter and are important for our project, point out the good and bad about what we read and at the end evaluate if that part of the literature is useful and valid for our project.
    The host of this exchange, Biserka Šavora was so pleasent to show us around the school so we could get a certain view of how the school works. She even got us in on one of the dance classes so we got the feeling too. Around 7 PM, all together we got to listen to doc.dr.sc. Goran Sedmak's lecture who works at HIIM (Croatian Institut for Brain Exploring). Few students from the Contemporary dance school Ana Maletić who don't participate in our project also joined us and listened to the lecture.
   With active listening we set bases of our project but also got a lot of new informations and refreshed the ones we knew before. I think each one of us felt even just a sparkle of passion doc.dr.sc. Goran Sedmak gave through the lecture. After the lecture we stayed together for a little more talking about the brain and dancing and we also completely used the "want to know more" option. We ended our gathering by exchanging our contact numbers, connecting on the social media and setting the date for our next student exchange which will happen on the 19'th of July, 2018.
   The impressions of this meeting are extremly positive and we look forward to our next student exchange and are exited about working together on the realizaton of the project.
   Also a big thank you goes to the doc.dr.sc. Goran Sedmak (HIIM) for helding a lecture and participating in our project.

Team of the project

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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