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Project of Medical School Pula:  Creative Learning  Project of Medical School Pula: Creative Learning Minimize

Creative Learning
Project of Medical School Pula

    Participating Schools:  1. Medical School Pula
2. Secodary Medical and Chemical School
Novo mesto
3. Medical School Belgrade
4. Medical School Split

Date:  March 13th 2018
Project Leaders (e-mail):  1. Ana Krelja (anakrelja.fth@gmail.com), Medical School Pula
Slađana Sladojević
3. Natalija Zver Zupančič
4. Iljana Rakić
5. Ana Paradžik

Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Sanja Benazić-Kliba (sanja.benazic.kliba@gmail.com), Medical School Pula
Mojca Simončič (mojsimoncic@gmail.com), Secodary Medical and Chemical School Novo mesto
3. Sandra Mrđen
(mrdjensandra@gmail.com ),
Medical School Belgrade
4. Sanja Perić
Medical School Split
Leader School:  Medical School Pula
1. Melani Jovanov, Medical School Pula
2. Patrik Benazić
, Medical School Pula
3. Patrik Vidović
, Medical School Pula
Anja Slapšak
5. Elma Huseinović
6. Saša Brkić
7. Petra Vranković
8. Anamarija Sarić
Target Group: 
Pupils of mid-health and non-health schools.
Project Objectives: 
The objectives of the project are to devise creative methods of teaching and mastering the integration of modern applications into the organization of teaching, the enhancement of the quality of the teaching process and the computer literacy of students. Establish communication between the participating project schools and student correlation with exchange of experiences.

The primary tasks of the project are to design ICT workshops, to implement applications in the teaching process, to produce a survey for teachers and students, to analyze the survey data and to present the results.
The secondary task of the project would be to educate students about the use of ICT applications and the creative design of the teaching process from a student perspective. Implementing creative solutions for students in teacher work and adapting teaching content to methodical didactic rules.

Collaborators:  Leader school and partner school. 
Place of implementation:  Leader school and partner school.
Duration (phases):  1st April -1st May 2018 - 1st Phase:
The choice of teaching content that students will adapt to their concept of creative learning (topics: health )
1 May - 15 June 2018 - Phase 2:
Designing workshops based on ICT and applications according to the selected content
1st of September - 1st October 2018 - 3rd phase:
Implementation of workshops in the teaching process during which each school will implement and test one of its own workshops and one workshop from the partners school
1st October - 1st November 2018 - 4 phase:
Drawing up and conducting a survey for students and teachers about the satisfaction of workshops and data analysis
1 st December -1.prosinca 2018 - 4 phase:
Comparison of results between school partners, creation of multimedia content of the project and presentation of the project.
Expected Results: 

The expected result is the improvement of the quality of the teaching process and the greater interest of students in mastering the teaching content. Developing teachers' interest in the implementation of ICT tools in the teaching process and developing IT skills in students.

Risk Factors:  

Documents of project  "Creative Learning"  Documents of project "Creative Learning" Minimize


   The "Creative Learning" project is designed in a way that the mutual work of students of partner schools develops in the narrow sense. Namely, the main objective of the project would be to master the teaching content by integrating modern applications into teaching organization, by increasing the quality of the teaching process and by informal learning of students. Alongside the basic goals, there is always the establishment of communication between the project participants', schools and student correlation and exchange of experiences.

   Project activities are conceived in a way that the first approach to the separation of teaching contents into the interests of the learners will be initiated in order to approach the creation of creative teaching methods and the selection of applications in which specific content will be presented. Three health topics will be distinguished from the curriculum by choosing students. After that, the students will devote their analysis to the applications that will be pre-set (Mentimeter, Kahoo, Socrato, Prezi, etc.), after analyzing each application and program of each school, the partner will choose the teaching topic and application to use for its processing. First project phase (1st May 2018).

   The second phase implies a more detailed mastering of ICT and the design of a workshop to present the chosen health theme. For example, the Medical School Pula will discuss the topic of "Communicating with a Patient" using the Mentimeter program application. (June 15, 2018)

   The chosen topic will then be presented in the third stage to the lower grades of the school through a designed workshop. After which an evaluation will be conducted on the success of the lecture. In addition to the implementation of its own workshop, a workshop of a partner will be tested (this can be done through a student exchange or students who have created a workshop through a skype conference to educate students of the partner school about the implementation and test method of the workshop). Upon completion of the third phase evaluation of the performance of the lectures will be statistically dealt with in the fourth phase of the project. (November 1, 2018)

   The fifth phase is designed to create a multimedia presentation that will present project activities, research results and guidelines for their further application.

   The expected result is the improvement of the quality of the teaching process and the greater interest of students in mastering the professional teaching contents. Developing teachers' interest in the use of ICT tools and developing IT skills in students.

Video Conference On Project "Creative learning" (November 28, 2018)   Video Conference On Project "Creative learning" (November 28, 2018) Minimize

Video conference between Pula and Novo Mesto in the project "Creative learning"
(November 28, 2018)


   On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, a video conference of partner schools in the project "Creative Learning" was held on. Video conferencing was carried out via Skype. Participants were students, coordinators and mentors from the Medical School Pula and Medical and Chemical School Novo mesto. Before the video conference, all activities are agreed and coordinated by phone, email and correspondence within the Skype group "Creative Learning".

    Three stages of the project "Creative Learning" were conducted until the video conference was held. These stages included collecting information about partners, students' choice of content and topics, student’s choice of ICT and learning applications of which Prezi, Kahoo, Mentimeter and Padlet were separated. After that, the students prepared a lecture using the selected application, conducted it within their school, and conducted a successful lecture survey.

   The theme of the video conference was the exchange of impressions related to the implementation of the lecture, but also the agreement on exchange of lectures. At the suggestion of the mentor from the Medical and Medical School Novo mesto, the original exchange plan for exchange of lectures was replaced with the next proposal; students of each school should hold their own lecture to the partner school via Skype. The reason is that the students have invested time in their lectures and are better acquainted with the subject of their lecture than the students of other partner schools. The details of the following tasks were agreed.

   Due to technical difficulties, it was not possible to realize the inclusion of all partners in the conference call described, therefore the conference with the Medical School Beograd was completed on November 29, 2018. While the Medical School Split conference was held on November 4, The two conferences lasted briefly, just to confirm already agreed from the previous video conference November 28, 2018.


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