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Project of High School Pregrada: "Life path of one (NON) addict"  Project of High School Pregrada: "Life path of one (NON) addict" Minimize

Life path of one (NON) addict
Project of High School Pregrada

    Participating Schools:  1. High School Pregrada
2. High School Čakovec
3. High School Viktorovac

Date:  March 16th 2018
Project Leaders (e-mail):  1. Kristina Sopina (), High School Pregrada
2. Dunja Gašparić
High School Čakovec
Ivan Lovrić (ivanlovric24@gmail.com), High School Viktorovac
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Andreja Strmečki (andrejastrmecki@gmail.com), High School Pregrada
2. Nikolina Zaplatić Delač
High School Čakovec
Jelena Lucan (jjokic1@gmail.com), High School Viktorovac
Leader School:  High School Pregrada
1. Tea Fiket, High School Pregrada
2. Andreja Lovrenšćak
, High School Pregrada
3. Maria Paula Požgaj
, High School Čakovec
4. Vanessa Žužić
, High School Čakovec
5. Marijana Blažević
, High School Viktorovac
6. Željko Đurić, High School Viktorovac
Target Group: 
Students belonging to different programs of the schools participating in the project.
Project Objectives: 
Analyse survey about different addictions and show the results.
Make students think about benefits of non – consumption of psychoactive substances.
Show the importance of asking for a help when having addiction problems.
Make students think about their own responsibility while making decisions.

Do survey about different addictions among first grade – students in a high school.
Determine representation, knowledge and attitude towards addictions, depending on the results of the survey.
Explain how health can be influenced by addictions.
Name same factors that encourage misuse of psychoactive substances.
Interview one addict.
Make conclusions about adversity of psychoactive substances consumption.
Evaluate group work.

Collaborators:  Students and teachers of schools participating in this project. 
Place of implementation:  All schools participating in this project.
Duration (phases):  April 2018 – February 2019
Expected Results:  Support cooperation of all the students in different activities, enforce teamwork and co-operative studying, constantly communicate with the students, give positive feedback, make them research addiction problem among young people using quality literature and resources, involve students in planning and making decisions,
stress the importance of the early problem recognition.
Make students think about their own responsibility in making decisions.
Risk Factors:

Associates absence, lack of financial resources.

Documents of project  "Life path of one (NON) addict"  Documents of project "Life path of one (NON) addict" Minimize

Synopsis of project  "Life path of one (NON) addict"

Secondary School
Stjepana Škreblina 2
49218 Pregrada
Coordinator: Andreja Strmečki
Mail: andrejastrmecki@gmail.com

    Addiction is one of the main problems today because many young people get in touch with different addiction substances. Young people, especially in the period of the puberty and adolescence, are at high risk because of the peer pressure, social pressure and the need for acceptance.

  The main goal of this project is to make young people think about the importance of making decisions about their future by themselves and that is why the path they choose is so important.

  In this project students want to do survey in the first grades of the high school about representation of some addiction substances, their harmful habits, and attitudes towards addiction. They are interested in this project because they have noticed that many of their peers are addicted. Students are going to show two different possibilities and these are paths into addiction and into non-addiction. Besides this, they are also going to explain harmful influence and consequences of addiction substances consumption as well as point out the positive sides of their non-consumption.

  They will interview some ex- addicts and show and share their life stories.

  The main message of this project is to show that everyone has right to choose freely and also decide which path to take.

Students Exchange in Čakovec on projects: “Organ trafficking” and “Life path of one (non)addict”  Students Exchange in Čakovec on projects: “Organ trafficking” and “Life path of one (non)addict” Minimize

One-day student exchange in Čakovec within projects
“Organ trafficking” and “Life path of one (non)addict” 
(30th January 2019 )


   On Wednesday, 30th January 2019, two student exchanges took place: third exchange within the project “Organ trafficking”, and second exchange within the project “Life path of one (non)addict”.
   Čakovec High School was visited by Pregrada High School students (Anamarija Galović, Silvija Kučko, Tea Fiket, and Lorena Lovrenščak) accompanied by their teacher Martina Pavleković, as well as Viktorovac High School students (Ivan Olujić and Leon Mohr) accompanied by their teacher Ivan Lovrić. The hosts were students Maria Paula Požgaj, Manuel Korent, and Abel Korunek, and their teachers Dunja Gašparić and Maja Ivanuša

    The project “Organ trafficking” was brought to a close by practising scenes that depict the kidnapping of a person who is to have their organs removed, organs procurement and organ trade itself. Through a short presentation, the students will show how much particular organs cost. They will also present some interesting facts connected with organ trafficking, as well as the state of organ trade in Croatia and worldwide.

    The students involved in the project “Life path of one (non)addict” recorded two videos. In the first video, they recorded an interview with a recovered addict played by one of the students. The second video shows the beginning of addiction in an adolescent who has access to narcotics in his/her immediate surroundings.
   After a long recording, the students also finished their PowerPoint presentation.

   After a hard day's work, we had dinner together, after which everybody set out for their homes, Pregrada and Sisak.

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