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Project of Čakovec High School: "Rhythm With A Horse"   Project of Čakovec High School: "Rhythm With A Horse" Minimize

Rhythm With A Horse
Project of Čakovec High School

    Participating Schools:  1. Secondary School Čakovec
Secondary School Viktorovac, Sisak
Date:  March 13th 2018
Project Leaders (e-mail):  1. Ivana Preložnjak (preloznjakivana@gmail.com), Čakovec High School
Vesna Herceg (vesna.herceg@skole.hr), Secondary School Viktorovac, Sisak
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Nikolina Zaplatić Degač (nzaplatic@hotmail.com), Čakovec High School
Vesna Herceg (vesna.herceg@skole.hr), Secondary School Viktorovac, Sisak
Leader School:  Čakovec High School
1. Magdalena Žižek, Čakovec High School
Marta Črep
, Čakovec High School
3. Denis Sekulić
4. Maja Puljić
5. Alen Hajdarović
6. David Baranašić

Target Group: 
Students of medical and other schools.
Project Objectives: 
To define the effects of hippotherapy, to enable students to explain the importance of conducting hippotherapy in the treatment and rehabilitation process of certain diseases, to acquire the skills of developing good relationships with peers, to develop the skills of performing a public speech in front of others.

- to demonstrate the importance of hippotherapy in rehabilitation
- to familiarize the students with the indications and contraindications of hippotherapy
- which are positive psychological effects of hippotherapy on patients
- to illustrate the characteristics and skills of an educated hippotherapist
- what are the characteristics of horses used in hippotherapy
- problems that occur in hippotherapy
- how hippotherapy is connected with children

Place of implementation:  Terme Tuhelj, Čakovec.
Duration (phases):  April 2018 – February 2019
Expected Results:  Students will be able to describe and define hippotherapy and the importance of hippotherapy in rehabilitation, as well as to develop collaborative learning skills.
Risk Factors:

Financial resources.

Synopsis of project  "Rhythm With A Horse"   Synopsis of project "Rhythm With A Horse" Minimize


   The first phase of “Rhythm with a Horse” project is going to consists of introducing participating schools one to another, assigning tasks and exchanging students.

   In the next phase, the participating schools will meet at Čakovec High School (Srednja škola Čakovec). They will be acquainted with the work of the host school and other important segments. Afterwards, they are going to visit “Rhythm with a Horse” Centre in Stubičke Toplice. There, the students will be introduced to hippotherapy and its work methods under the guidance of a professional hippotherapist. They will listen to a lecture on indications and contraindications, horse’s effects on our body, and proper care and traits of therapeutic horses. All of the students will try out therapeutic horse riding in order to observe its effect on and for themselves. A professional hippotherapist will make a patient evaluation and conduct a horse riding therapy, whereas the students will observe, make notes and analyse, giving their comments and conclusions afterwards.

   In the final phase, we will gather all necessary information (videos, interviews, PowerPoint presentations, polls) and put them into a joint PowerPoint presentation. We will share our personal experiences and impressions with other students during “Days of E-Medica”.

Topics that will be dealt with within the project are:
“What is hippotherapy?”
“Why horses in particular?”
“How hippotherapy helps in treating diseases?”
“Effects of hippotherapy in the physical field”
“Psychological and social effects of hippotherapy on patients”
“Hippotherapy and children”
“What are the problems of parents who have children in need of hippotherapy?”

Student exchange in project “Rhythm with a horse” in Secondary School Viktorovac, Sisak  Student exchange in project “Rhythm with a horse” in Secondary School Viktorovac, Sisak Minimize

Second student exchange as part of the project "Rhythm with a horse“
(16. siječnja 2019.)


   On January 16, 2019 High School Viktorovac hosted the second student exhange in project „Rhythm with a horse“. The students of High school Čakovec and High school Viktorovac took part.

   We have agreed to divide our programme into three segments being:

1. A video
2. PPT presentation
3. An intervju with Josip Knezić, a hipotherapist (students will ask the questions)

   At the very end we decided on the presentation details and thus concluded this extremely agreeable and cheerful exchange.

Exchange in Čakovec-Stubičke Toplice on projects “Rhythm with a Horse” & “Yoga in Service of Health and Satisfaction”  Exchange in Čakovec-Stubičke Toplice on projects “Rhythm with a Horse” & “Yoga in Service of Health and Satisfaction” Minimize

First student exchange in Čakovec and Stubičke Toplice within projects
“Rhythm with a Horse” and “Yoga in Service of Health and Satisfaction”

(17th of October 2018)


   On Wednesday, 17th of October 2018, the first student and teacher exchange within the projects "Rhythm with a Horse" and "Yoga in Service of Health and Satisfaction" took place at Čakovec High School. Colleagues and students from High School Viktorovac were greeted with a warm welcome from the Čakovec High School Headmaster, Gordana Ramušćak, and exchange organisers, Nikolina Zaplatić Degač and Ivana Preložnjak.

   After the welcome, the students and teachers had an organised breakfast, during which they could get to know each other better. Through a relaxed and fun atmosphere, the students presented their creative ideas, desires, goals and plans. Each student described their vision of the projects, which in the end were encompassed into a single, coherent whole. The students set themselves the goal of presenting the projects in the most interesting and creative way possible. The students divided the tasks among themselves and exchanged their e-mails and cell phone numbers, so they can keep in touch and share their thoughts about the projects. After a fun and relaxed introductory meeting, we went on a tour around Čakovec High School. During the tour, the students were impressed by the school’s physiotherapy cabinet as well as the cabinet of general practice nurses, whose practical we visited and briefly participated in. In the Čakovec High School Choir rehearsal rooms, the musically talented students could not refrain from singing and playing instruments, so we agreed that the students will also put on a musical performance as a part of the project.
   At 9.30 a.m. we boarded a bus that was waiting for us in front of the school, and we set off for Rhythm with a Horse Centre in Stubičke Toplice for the second part of the exchange. After a two-hour ride, we were warmly welcomed by Josip Knezić, a bachelor of physiotherapy and occupational therapy and a licensed hippotherapist. During his lecture, the students learned what hippotherapy is, its goals, indications and contraindications, and its effect on the patient. The students found the lecture quite interesting, so they gladly participated by asking different questions, the answers to which will help them in their projects. After the end of the theoretical part, the students were escorted to the riding arena, where they tried to lead a horse, became acquainted with the role of a hippotherapist, and experienced the influence of hippotherapy and horse-riding by taking on the role of the patient, all under the expert guidance of hippotherapists. Afterwards, we had lunch, during which we exchanged our impressions and agreed to hold the second exchange at the Viktorovac High School and hippotherapy centre in Sisak at the end of November. Upon our arrival to Čakovec, our educational and fun meeting ended with laughter and singing. We eagerly await another exchange and look forward to seeing everybody again!

"Rhythm with a Horse“ and “Yoga in Service of Health and Satisfaction” Project teams

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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