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Project of Midwifery School Zagreb:  "Storytelling As A Cure"  Project of Midwifery School Zagreb: "Storytelling As A Cure" Minimize

Storytelling As A Cure
Project of Midwifery school, Zagreb

    Participating Schools:  1. Midwifery School, Zagreb
2. Medical School Split
Date:  March 17th 2018
Project Leaders (e-mail):  1. Maja Feil Ostojić (majafeil@yahoo.com), Midwifery School, Zagreb
Lorina Miše, Medical School Split
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Maja Feil Ostojić (majafeil@yahoo.com), Midwifery School, Zagreb
Sanja Perić (sanja.peric3@skole.hr), Medical School Split
Leader School:  Midwifery school, Zagreb
1. Jelena Vulić, Midwifery School, Zagreb
2. Anamarija Pacek
, Midwifery School, Zagreb
3. Antonia Krakić
, Midwifery School, Zagreb
4. Barbara Zokić, Medical School Split
5. Iva Dedić
, Medical School Split
Target Group: 
Children, pregnant women, young mothers   
Project Objectives: 
Help children during time spend in hospitals and help pregnant women by telling positive birth stories to have positive birth experience.

Investigate if telling positive birth stories helps women to have positive birth experience.
Investigate if storytelling helps children during hospitalization.

Place of implementation:  KBC Sestara milosrdnica Zagreb, Midwifery school, Zagreb.
Duration (phases):  1. Planing project (by june 2018)
2. Impementation of project (septembar 2018 – february 2019)
Expected Results:  We expect that sharing positive birth stories will have positive impact for pragnant women and help them to have themselves positive birth experience. We also expect that during this workshops they will find new friends which will also make them more confident and be helpful for preparing for a moterhood.
Storytelling for children in hospitals during the time they spend there should be helpful and positive experience for children and their parents as well.
Risk Factors:

Not finding partners interested in project
Weak response of pregnant women on storytelling workshops.

Synopsis of project   "Storytelling As A Cure"  Synopsis of project "Storytelling As A Cure" Minimize
  • PROJECT GOAL: explore the possibilities of therapeutic story telling
    - Improve the quality of children's stay in hospitals, especially those who have been hospitalized for a longer time
    - Use the activity to help the children and their parents talk about the difficulties they encounter
    - Help pregnant women prepare for birth and motherhood
  • TARGET GROUP: pregnant women, children in hospitals
  • DURATION OF THE PROJECT: June 2018 - February 2019
  • PLACE OF IMPLEMENTATION: Škola za primalje, KBC Sestara milosrdnica, partner schools involved in the project
  • COORDINATOR: Maja Feil Ostojić, prof.
  • MENTOR: Maja Feil Ostojić, prof.
  • STUDENTS: Antonia Krakić, Jelena Vulić, Anamarija Pacek (for now)

-  We would organize workshops where experienced mothers with positive birth experiences would share their stories
- Through listening and exchanging positive experiences, pregnant women would be more empowered to experience birth and motherhood
- We would organize workshops once a month in the school premises from September 2018 to February 2019 (6 workshops total)
- As future midwifes, in our praxis, we have witnessed and attended many positive childbirth experiences, and we would share these stories with pregnant women
- After each workshop we would stay in contact with pregnant women who attended them and gather information about their birth experience so we could know if our workshops helped
- We would connect with the Croatian Association of Doulas, that organizes similar workshops, to find out their experiences

- We would organize storytelling for kids with the Pediatric department staff minding their schedule
- Students involved in the project would alternate every week; two students would go to the Pediatric department to tell the story
- We would choose stories in agreement with the professor
- We would choose storytelling over reading stories
- Project would last from September 2018 to February 2019.
- We would gather information form parents, children and staff about impact of the stories and their experience in the hospital

- We would organize student exchange in which students from other schools can attend storytelling for pregnant women and storytelling for children
- We would collaborate during preparation of the stories and share experiences after storytelling
- As a result of the project, it is possible to issue a book of stories for children and positive stories from childbirth for pregnant women

   Every mother that experienced childbirth has her own special story that she remembers her whole life. Storytelling and listening to the stories can make pregnant women better prepared for the experience of pregnancy and childbirth. Listening to the stories we cannot directly experience childbirth, however we can be more prepared - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.
Through sharing stories in a safe and supportive environment, mothers find understanding for each other and also they are given a safe space and time to talk about their experiences – both positive and negative. This type of work gives them the opportunity to not feel alone if they are experiencing emotions that are not socially acceptable. There is a specter of emotions happening in this intense moment… from true joy to true sadness, sexual excitement to indifference.
   Storytelling can heal, especially the person who is telling the story but also her listeners. Moreover, it gives inspiration and insight to everyone in a safe environment.
   As part of our project, we would work with children who had been hospitalized for a long time and we would try to spend quality time with them, cheer them up, “move” them away from everyday hospital life to the imaginary world of stories, give them a chance to be part of the story, sometimes even give them a chance to create one themselves. Throughout numerous stories, we would try to divert children's attention to topics that are always educational and valuable, for example friendship, helping others, altruism, courage and kindness. Regular storytelling to children can help develop and strengthen concentration and also develop imagination.

   Children would listen to the stories that belong to various areas ranging from classic fairy tales, folk tales to modern tales.

   The power of storytelling as a medicine is used throughout human history. Therapeutic stories can be described as stories that help restore the lost balance or sense of wholeness. When children hear such stories, one can notice that these stories have potential to restore lost balance in a certain behavior or situation. Storytelling is one of the strategies that helps children to face the problems they encounter in their lives, experiencing different solutions through heroes of the stories.

Content that was additionally created for the project  "Storytelling As A Cure"  Content that was additionally created for the project "Storytelling As A Cure" Minimize
WEB pages of Project   Picture book of Project

 Videoconference exchange and Wordpress workshop in the Project "Storytelling As A Cure"   Videoconference exchange and Wordpress workshop in the Project "Storytelling As A Cure" Minimize

Videoconference exchange in the project "Storytelling As A Cure"
(February 18, 2019)

   In the project "Storytelling As A Cure" students of School For Midwifery Zagreb and Medical School Split work full steam!
   After a videoconference held in January, on Monday, February 18th, another one was held.

    This time at the videoconference we also joined the librarian of Midwifery School, Professor Kristina Nikić, who for the students involved in the project held a workshop for making a website in the Wordpress program.
   At the workshop, students in pairs made their first web site. Students at the Midwifery School created horses and celebrity pages, while the students from Split made their website about fashion. Professor Nikić successfully led us through the wordpress program and, in the end, we were all satisfied with the work done and proud of our work.

   Perhaps you are wondering what the horses, the celebrities, and the fashion have in common with our project, and why we've been working on the web sites about it?! So, we just worked on this websites for exercise! And after we were trained we went to work and designed the project website "Storytelling as Cure". It is a little to say that we are very proud of the result and appearance of our site, and how it looks you can also look at https://pricakaolijek1.wordpress.com.
   We are planning to add a picture gallery and final project results to the page and you are free to follow how we are doing!

   We are getting close to the end of the project and completed the videoconferencing by finalizing the presentation and conducting the survey and arranging another virtual meeting to train our final presentation as well.

Leona Marčinko, School For Midwifery Zagreb

Video Conference On Project "Storytelling as a cure" (January 23, 2019)  Video Conference On Project "Storytelling as a cure" (January 23, 2019) Minimize

First student exchange in project “Storytelling as a cure”
(January 23, 2019)


    On Wednesday,
January 23th 2019, we kept a Skype video-conference of students and mentors who work together on a project “Storytelling as a cure˝.

   NOn a conference there were nine students and a head of the project Maja Feil Ostojić from the Midwifery School from Zagreb and students from Medical School Split Antonela Bekavac, Nikolina Nikolac together with their mentor Lorina Miše.
   Theme of the video conference was working on the project and other answers connected to the project “Story as a cure˝.
   The goal of the project is trough telling stories facilitate stay of the children in hospitals and research if it is helpful telling stories to the children and their parents during the hospitalization.
   Telling stories should have a positive reaction on experience of children’s stay in the hospital, as well for the children and the parents.
    Regular storytelling to children can help in developing and strengthening their concentration and development of imagination.

  Power of the story as a cure is understood and applicable trough entire human history. Therapeutically stories can be described as stories that help bring back lost balance or felling of integrity.Telling stories is one of strategies with which we help children to face problems they are facing in life, by living through them with heroes from the stories and finding the solution.
   One more videoconference is set for 2-3 weeks when we will make a survey for medical staff to find out what they think about the impact of storytelling after our regular visits to their hospital units. This survey we plan to conduct on the end of the project.
   Video conferencing has gone through the working atmosphere by focusing on the tasks that are important for the project itself. The students exchanged experiences of project work, talked about and proposed new story stories and agreed to create a picture book. We have commented on the results of the conducted surveys and agreed on further final work on the project as well as an agreement on the mode of exposure and activities during the 12th Days of "E-Medica 2019" at the Terme Tuhelj.

Maja Feil           
School for Midwifery Zagreb

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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