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Mlin.jpg     As the first six Croatian medical schools received video conferencing equipment Polycom Polycom 5000 and 7000, and licensed Polycom PVX, and in the planning stages and the implementation of fast, fiber optic links, to this part of the project proved to be a representative segment and thriving segment of the E-medica.
For now, most of our schools are connected with optical 100 Mbps links, and our work on video conferences have become an integral part of school activities.

   The continuous video-conference connections Medical School Zadar, Mlinarska Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb Vrapče, and Maribor (Slovenia), but as the leading carriers of video conferencing these schools to work independently on a number of international video conferences.

vkonf2.jpg   Another new segment is a collaboration with the General Hospital Zadar, the clinic "Svjetlost" Zagreb, but also with other health care institutions in Croatia and abroad (Canada, USA), which was established by ss already sustained cooperation.
   Thise greater cooperation are already marked with a few video conferencing transmission operations in the hospitals and clinics, and lectures in the USA and Canada. On these video conference, our schools, and several foreign schools
   Most video conferences followed, with the help of CARNet, streaming, which allows all of our schools directly engaging in transfers.

   Since last year, all for the purpose of video conferencing Teleconferencing was giving us the use of their AdobeConnectPro
   To register to use their AAUEdu @ Hr identity (username and password: ime.prezime@skole.hr) or simply as a guest: write your name and the city or school.

   Instructions for use are on AdobeConnectPro:
   Please for any information embroidered with video conferencing, contact Edin Kadic, national coordinator for video conferencing in the "E-medica" on email:

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