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Video Conference On Project "Adolescent Hypertension" (January 17, 2019)  Video Conference On Project "Adolescent Hypertension" (January 17, 2019) Minimize

First video-conference on a project “Adolescent Hypertension”
(January 17, 2019)



   On 17th of January 2019 students of Medical School Bjelovar, Medical School Split and Secondary Medical School Jezero Sarajevo (Bosnia and Hercegovina) had their first video-conference on the project “Adolescent Hypertension”.

   Till now, the communication was held by G-mail. Since the students were questioned in December of 2018., it was necessary to hold a video conference so we could discuss about the ways of processing the data. It was decided to use the graphs so it would be easier to see the possible differences between Middle Croatia, Dalmatia and Middle Bosnia.
   It was also decided that we will use the blue and white pattern for our presentation. At the end of the conference the students exchanged their personal phone numbers so the communication will be easier and faster.

   The Project is almost done, and the students Frane Svalina, Lara Beović, Samra Osmanović, Emrah Skopak, Paulina Djordjević and Lucija Brnada, and their mentors Mira Talaja, Azra Rožajac and Tina Jelić-Balta, can’t wait to see each other at the Tuheljske toplice.

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