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Videoconference exchange / lectures "Knowledge from the distance" (February 11, 2019)  Videoconference exchange / lectures "Knowledge from the distance" (February 11, 2019) Minimize

Video-conference lecture (exchange) "Knowledge from the distance"
(February 11, 2019)

    On Monday, February 11, 2019 students of the Medical School Pula and the students of the Medical and Chemistry School of Novo Mesto organized two conference lectures.

   Melani Jovanov, Patrik Benazić and Patrik Vidović from Medical School Pula have prepared a Mentimeter lecture on the subject of “Progressive Workout Exercises”. The lecture began at 11.30, and there was one class lesson heard by 90 students from Novo Mesto Medical and Chemical School. The students participated through their mobile phones interactively in the lecture and thus crossed all boundaries in the transfer of knowledge.
   After the first lecture, Anja Splašek, Elma Huseinović and Saša Brkić from Medical and Chemistry School Novo Mesto sheld a lecture on “Vital Signs” at the Medical School Pula at 14 hours. It lasted one lesson, and was held using the Prezi app while 48 students from Pula listened to them. For the end of the lectures they prepared an excellent quiz in Kahoot. Winner was Dora Pavletić, our colleague.
   Lectures were great and very interesting. After the lectures, a survey was conducted on the success of the lectures, highlighting the benefits of using new technologies and exchanging peer knowledge.

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