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The first video-conference exchange between Split and Rijeka  The first video-conference exchange between Split and Rijeka Minimize

The first video-conference exchange in the project
"The Our Heartbeats"


   On Tuesday, June 5, 2018, a video conference was held via Skype for business, Medical School Split and Medical School in Rijeka.
   The topic of the video conference was the work on the joint project "Our Heartbeats", hosts Ana Gašić and Antonija Ivanišević and mentor Marija Jurišić Šarlija from Split. The video conference was attended by students Doris Keđo and Edi Vučić from Rijeka and their mentor Zvonko Miškić.

    At this video conference, we have agreed on details of further collaboration and ways of realizing the project phase, which aims to investigate and define the heart and heart role, electrocardiography and electrocardiograph (to record the electrocardiogram at rest and to determine the phases of heart activity, record electrocardiogram during physical activity, the ECG of a healthy and sick heart, assume that the pacemaker works, determine the heart rate and heart rate of the ECG, investigate whether the heart rate of all people is at idle), heart disease that a doctor can identify from a specific ECG heart pattern. ECG recording will be realized at the Healthcare School in Split using the TESS set of Cobra 4 Electrophysiology equipment. We also agreed on future communication and collaboration through Office 365 for schools where we will use Microsoft Teams, Planner, and OneNote applications.

   We look forward to getting to know each other, work together and meet on the first student exchange scheduled for the month of October 2018.

   You can view the entire conversation on the link https://www.emaze.com/@AOIIICRRC/otkucaji-naeg-srca

Ana Gašić i Antonija Ivanišević

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