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Videoconference exchange and Wordpress workshop in the  Project "Story As A Cure"  Videoconference exchange and Wordpress workshop in the Project "Story As A Cure" Minimize

Videoconference exchange in the project "Storytelling As A Cure"
(February 18, 2019)

   In the project "Storytelling As A Cure" students of School For Midwifery Zagreb and Medical School Split work full steam!
   After a videoconference held in January, on Monday, February 18th, another one was held.

    This time at the videoconference we also joined the librarian of Midwifery School, Professor Kristina Nikić, who for the students involved in the project held a workshop for making a website in the Wordpress program.
   At the workshop, students in pairs made their first web site. Students at the Midwifery School created horses and celebrity pages, while the students from Split made their website about fashion. Professor Nikić successfully led us through the wordpress program and, in the end, we were all satisfied with the work done and proud of our work.

   Perhaps you are wondering what the horses, the celebrities, and the fashion have in common with our project, and why we've been working on the web sites about it?! So, we just worked on this websites for exercise! And after we were trained we went to work and designed the project website "Storytelling as Cure". It is a little to say that we are very proud of the result and appearance of our site, and how it looks you can also look at https://pricakaolijek1.wordpress.com.
   We are planning to add a picture gallery and final project results to the page and you are free to follow how we are doing!

   We are getting close to the end of the project and completed the videoconferencing by finalizing the presentation and conducting the survey and arranging another virtual meeting to train our final presentation as well.

Leona Marčinko, School For Midwifery Zagreb

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