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The first video-conference exchange between Zagreb, Belgrade and Split  The first video-conference exchange between Zagreb, Belgrade and Split Minimize

The first video-conference exchange in the project
"Innovative Therapies In Cancer Treatment“


   The first exchange of students on the project "Innovative Therapies In Cancer Treatment" was held on May 4, 2018 through a video call.

   The exchange was attended by the School of Nurses Vrapče, the School of Nurses Mlinarska (who came to Vrapce) and the Pharmacy Physiotherapy School in Belgrade, in the "E-Medica" video conference room at Adobe Conect.

   Partner Medical School Split due to technical problems did not participate in the video call and we negotiated with the details of the project through the phone call.

    Exchage was held through video call, we met each other and we explained in details what is our project goal and what will each school do.
   All schools set their dates when will they visit Institutes and departments of oncology in their city. Also, we exchanged contacts, so students can connect through some social media and talk about some problems, or generally about project, we will follow every step by every school. Every school after certain visit will write report about visit, in that way we can gather informations and we can follow each others work.
   Also, we talked about second exchange in september that should be in Belgrade in meaning of bigger exchange of projects by Pharmacy and physiotherapeutic school Belgrade.

   You can also view the entire conversation at the following link https://connect.carnet.hr/p2fwpth3qy2.

Margareta Bakonji i Karla Anić,  School for Nurses Vrapče

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