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Video Conference On Project "Story as a cure" (January 23, 2019)  Video Conference On Project "Story as a cure" (January 23, 2019) Minimize

First student exchange in project “Storytelling as a cure”
(January 23, 2019)


    On Wednesday,
January 23th 2019, we kept a Skype video-conference of students and mentors who work together on a project “Storytelling as a cure˝.

   NOn a conference there were nine students and a head of the project Maja Feil Ostojić from the Midwifery School from Zagreb and students from Medical School Split Antonela Bekavac, Nikolina Nikolac together with their mentor Lorina Miše.
   Theme of the video conference was working on the project and other answers connected to the project “Story as a cure˝.
   The goal of the project is trough telling stories facilitate stay of the children in hospitals and research if it is helpful telling stories to the children and their parents during the hospitalization.
   Telling stories should have a positive reaction on experience of children’s stay in the hospital, as well for the children and the parents.
    Regular storytelling to children can help in developing and strengthening their concentration and development of imagination.

  Power of the story as a cure is understood and applicable trough entire human history. Therapeutically stories can be described as stories that help bring back lost balance or felling of integrity.Telling stories is one of strategies with which we help children to face problems they are facing in life, by living through them with heroes from the stories and finding the solution.
   One more videoconference is set for 2-3 weeks when we will make a survey for medical staff to find out what they think about the impact of storytelling after our regular visits to their hospital units. This survey we plan to conduct on the end of the project.
   Video conferencing has gone through the working atmosphere by focusing on the tasks that are important for the project itself. The students exchanged experiences of project work, talked about and proposed new story stories and agreed to create a picture book. We have commented on the results of the conducted surveys and agreed on further final work on the project as well as an agreement on the mode of exposure and activities during the 12th Days of "E-Medica 2019" at the Terme Tuhelj.

Maja Feil           
School for Midwifery Zagreb

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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