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First exchange (video conference) in the project "Get Active – Make A Change“ ("Move It - Change It")  First exchange (video conference) in the project "Get Active – Make A Change“ ("Move It - Change It") Minimize

First video conference in the project "Get Active – Make A Change

(September 27, 2019)

   The first Skype exchange meeting with students of the project "Get Active – Make A Change"
("Move It - Change It") took place on Friday, 27th September 2019, at 11 o'clock. The students of High School Čakovec jointly participated with the students from High School Maruševec and the students from Secodary Medical and Chemical School Novo mesto. All the students were accompanied by the leaders and coordinators of participating schools.
   High School Čakovec is the main project bearer, so with a little help of the project leader and coordinator, Ms Nikolina Zaplatić Degač, the students presented the project execution plan.

   The participating schools also presented their ideas for the project and delegated the assignments. It was agreed that the final presentation will have multiple segments, including PPT presentation, video and role-play demonstration. The students have exchanged their contacts and established an online messenger group, where they will be discussing further ideas and plans.

    Due to the forms and the complexity of the assignments, the next meeting is scheduled for mid October.

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