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First video conference on project "Life Is Not A Puzzle" (October 4, 2019)  First video conference on project "Life Is Not A Puzzle" (October 4, 2019) Minimize

First video conference on project "Life Is Not A Puzzle"
(October 4, 2019)

  On Friday, October 4, 2019, the first videoconference of participants in the project "Life Is Not A Puzzle" was held between High School Pakrac and Vocational High School "Milos Crnjanski Kikinda" Kikinda.

   The topic of the conference was working on the project. The participants were students Andrea Dokić and Tijana Karić under the mentorship of Vanja Injac from Secondary School Kikinda and students Marija Šapić, Alen Rendula, Sandra Kozić and Josip Dupor under the mentorship of Ana Tidlačko from Secondary School Pakrac.
   We were introduced to the idea of the project "Life Is Not A Puzzle". The tasks of our project are: to define stress and stressors, to bring consciousness to our own emotions and situations which cause them, to learn techniques of dealing with stress and to learn proper breathing techniques as a way of dealing with stress. We came to a conclusion how it would be best to divide the tasks between three schools who are involved in the project: Secondary School Kikinda, Maritime School Zadar and Secondary School Pakrac.
   It was suggested to make a poll on how do social networks influence young people, which will be created and carried out by students of Secondary School Kikinda and a video on stress which an average man faces in a day, which will be made by students of Secondary School Pakrac. We will make an appointment for the next video conference in which all three schools will participate, as well as physical exchange, if one is financially possible.
   At the end of the video conference the students have established further cooperation over the social networks by creating groups on platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Marija Šapić    

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