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Video conference in project "Importance of EQ in the work of healthcare professionals" (September 30, 2019)  Video conference in project "Importance of EQ in the work of healthcare professionals" (September 30, 2019) Minimize

Video conference - First exchange of students in the project
"Importance of EQ in the work of healthcare professionals“
(September 30, 2019)


   On Monday September 30, 2019 there was a video conference of students and mentors, via Skype, working on the project "Importance of EQ in the work of healthcare professionals“.

   Participants in the video conference were students and mentors from the Secondary Medical School Split, the Medical School Šibenik , the School for Midwifery Zagreb and the Secondary Medical School Osijek.
   The topic of the video conference was to work on a joint project. During the video conference we talked about emotional intelligence, the students exchanged ideas and thoughts on the topic of the project.
   We have agreed further steps that we will take regarding the project work and questions for common questionnaires to be implemented in the home schools and health facilities among students and health professionals. The theme of emotions, pleasant and unpleasant, intrigued all participants. Terms for the realization of tasks and the next meeting via video conference were agreed with the aim of analyzing the common results as well as a joint workshop on improving one's own emotional literacy.
   The video conference took place in a work atmosphere focusing on agreeing on tasks relevant to the project. The students exchanged experience of working on the project, discussing and proposingmany new ideas.
   The video conference was attended by students: Ana Zorica, Tonia Bartulovic, Nada Djukic, Leona Marcinko, Sara Mihinica, Stella Novak, Ana Cikus, Noemy Zivnicnjak, Karmen Lajcak, Ante Gasperov, Tea Franjkovic. Mentors: Lorina Mise, Milena Logozar, Martina Tot, Zeljka Turchinov.

Ana Zorica, Tonia Bartulović
Mentor: Lorina Mise
Secondary Medical School Split

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