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Second Video Conference in project "Life Is Not A Puzzle" (January 30, 2019)   Second Video Conference in project "Life Is Not A Puzzle" (January 30, 2019) Minimize

Second video conference on project "Life Is Not A Puzzle"
(January 30, 2020)

   Thursday, January 30, 2020 second videoconference was held between Secondary School "Miloš Crnjanski" Kikinda, Maritime School Zadar and Secondary School Pakrac.
   The students who participated were Andrea Dokić, Tijana Karić i Minja Petrov from Secondary School "Miloš Crnjanski" under the mentorship of Vanja Injac; Dino Mustać i Vito Stanin from Maritime School Zadar under the mentorship of Ivana Supičić and Sandra Kozić i Marija Šapić from Secondary School Pakrac under the mentorship of Ana Tidlačko

   The topic of videoconference was our work on the project, and the host was Secondary School Pakrac. Together we decided the next step of our project. After the polls that were taken in all of the collaborating schools we have exchanged and commented the results. We have decided the way our project will be presented, the students from Secondary School "Miloš Crnjanski" Kikinda are analyzing and showcasing the data from the polls, students from Maritime School Zadar are going to show breathing exercises as one of the methods of fighting stress. Students of Secondary School Pakrac are filming a short video as a way to show the influence of stress on adolescents.
   Through the facebook group we will connect everything in the presentation and develop a way of presenting the project.

Sandra Kozić, Secondary School Pakrac

   At the second videoconference we have gotten to know the students from Maritime School Zadar as well with whom we will be collaborating in the project E – Medica. We have analyzed the topic, explained the results of the poll our school made. We have decided that we will process the survey results together in the facebook group. Secondary School Pakrac made the basis of the presentation and in the group we will consult about its final development. Maritime School Zadar got the task to study the methods of easing the stress as well.
   We are very glad to be communicating, cooperating and socializing with the children form our neighboring country.
   I hope for a successful and nice cooperation!

Andreja Dokić, Secondary School "Miloš Crnjanski" Kikinda

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