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First VideoConference Exchange In The Project “Levers In Us” (September 25, 2019)  First VideoConference Exchange In The Project “Levers In Us” (September 25, 2019) Minimize

First Videoconference Exchange In The Project “Levers In Us”
(September 25, 2019)

  On Wednesday, September 25, 2019, a video conference was held via the Skype for business for the Medical Schools Split, the I. Gimnasyum Split and the Medical School Rijeka. The School of Nursing Vrapče in Zagreb unfortunately failed to connect due to technical issues, but they were informed of the meeting. The topic of the video conference was the work on the joint project "Levers in Us", hosted by Mia Čop and Tena Kosanović, and mentor Zvonko Miškić, profesor from Rijeka.
   The video conference was also attended by the students of I. Grammar School Split Gabrijel Bošnjak, Lucija Ivančev and Ivana Radošević with mentor Damira Čupić, prof and student of Health Schools Split Maja Sabljić with mentor Marija Jurišić Šarlija.

  We also hope that in future video conferences we will no longer have technical problems of connection and that the students of the School of Nursing Vrapče Luka Bakonji and Mario Nagrajsalović with mentors Anita Buble-Ocvirek, Dr. and Jan Zamontni, prof.
   The next video conference is scheduled for October 17, 2019.
   At this videoconference, we agreed on ways to implement project phases that aim to explore the function of the muscles that move the main parts of the skeleton (speed, strength). It was decided that topics on how to connect the muscles that move the bones (leverage) in the joints would also be addressed.
   The assignments are distributed to the students and we look forward to the next meeting to offer their solutions.
   We look forward to working together, socializing and sharing students first.

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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