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Second Video Conference in project "Who and how our angels live today" (January 22, 2020)   Second Video Conference in project "Who and how our angels live today" (January 22, 2020) Minimize

Second student video conference in project "Who and how our angels live today"
(January 22, 2020)

  On Thuesday, January 22, 2020, the second video conference (via WhatsApp) was held for students and mentors working on a project.
   In the period from the first video conference, September 2019 to January 2020, the students Luka Bosanac, Ema Lovak, Maja Marija Radoš, Ivana Lozić, Gabrijel Lukić, Ivona Babić and Duje Peričić from the schools participating in the project: Medical Schools
Bjelovar, Medical School Split and the Gymnasium Sesvete continued their cooperation and mutual communication. We took full advantage of modern communication tools and social networks, the Facebook platform, WhatsApp, Adobe Connect and Skype, and together we designed, analyzed and developed the survey questionnaire. We searched the target population not only in our cities but also beyond, where we estimated that there was interest in the population in our Project. We developed the methods and forms of conducting the questionnaire and successfully interviewed the sample within the planned timeframe. For the difficulties and concerns we encountered during our work, which we were unable to solve on our own or to find solutions in the available literature, we contacted our mentors and solved the problems with their guidance and instructions.
   During this meeting we expressed our satisfaction with the successfully completed stages of the Project. We have agreed and shared the following tasks with the aim of creating a database, processing and analyzing the results, and agreed on the final preparation of the presentation in order to present the results of our Project at the 13th "Days of E-Medica 2020" as qualitatively as possible. We will continue communication as planned so far.
   Project Manager Mira Talaja, with her mentors on the Project, Tina Jelić Balta and Susan Pešorda, monitored and analyzed the implementation of the project. The project has reached its final stage and we are all pleased.
   We all worked hard, and we learned from students' mutual testimonies of new insights while communicating with respondents, that there were tears of joy on both sides, due to success, but also due to reliving stressful events with war-affected areas.
We agreed that all our interviewees were friendly, praised our theme and engagement. We thanked them for their unselfish love and interest in sharing their professional and personal experiences of working in the extraordinary circumstances of the Homeland War with us, and thus sharing it with the younger generations of nurses and technicians.
   We believe that because of the expressed interest and expressed desire of our students and respondents, the comprehensiveness and relevance of the topic of the Project will continue.
   He was looking forward to socializing and sharing experiences in Tuheljske Toplice in early April 2020.

Report prepared by:    
Ivona Babić & Duje Peričić
Medical Schoolola Split  

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