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Code of Conduct and the usual practice for high-quality videoconferencing

   By its nature, videoconferencing is social - social activity. As in most other social activities, there are accepted and positive patterns of behavior associated with that particular activity. Many of these patterns for most users to understand by themselves because they reflect some common and "common sense" assumptions. Unlike other forms of communication, and other activities that occur using technology (telephony, going to the movies, driving a car ...), videoconferencing is much less likely to appear in public, and therefore the rules of conduct and lesser-known around the circle of people.
   Assuming that you are ensured quality technical conditions (quality video and images, the tone, the ability to transfer them), good for video conference, you need to meet several conditions. They are not strictly regulated, but were created based on experience and time proved to be the finest proven practices.

Quality checks at the beginning

   It is necessary to pay attention to how interlocutors during videoconferencing see and hear. For videoconferencing a simple rule - the overall impression of one of the interlocutors highly dependent on conditions in the second. Therefore, it is necessary to try to achieve as similar conditions on both sides (or more if it is in the nature of videoconferencing).
   Before the "official" start of videoconferencing is well performed and several audio / video test and testing.
   Observe and follow the oral language of your interlocutor - if you're harmonized?
   Try with the usual "1, 2, 3, TEST, TEST" sentence. Clap your hands or any other party does - whether they are aligned movement and sound? If not - please contact the person responsible for technical accuracy and maintenance of the equipment. It is good that one such person is always close during videoconferencing to make sure that you will in the event of a problem someone help solve identified problems.

Speak loudly, slowly and understandable

Mlin.jpg   During the videoconference, your voice is compressed using a different computer algorithms in such a form is transmitted to a remote location where it takes its reproduction. This procedure is typically short and if you have a good network infrastructure, there should be no major delays. But despite this, speak plainly and clearly to your listener to hear.
   Avoid situations where interlocutors and you speak together at the same time. This can cause communication problems and greatly reduce the likelihood that you hear each other and get valid data.

Greeting and introduction

   At the beginning of videoconferencing mandatory greet all those present, and possibly introduce them. Consider that the interlocutors on your screen at once seen mostly only some of the participants, and therefore represent all participants important for many reasons, not just manners.
   It is also good to point out where your interlocutors during their presentation (for example: "... Hello Peter in Zagreb and Gordana, located in Rijeka ...").
   Common greetings and generally accepted way of introduction to the topic of videoconferencing in a perfectly acceptable way to start.

Lecture to the second word in the same or in a remote location

   When you teach the word to other parties, pay attention to the technical characteristics of the system. For example, if you need to turn it over to the second, when handing it onto the "mute", its mean- turn off the acceptance of sound. This will avoid noise, rumble and other communication problems.
   If you get the word, wait a moment after you turn on the microphone again and then start talking. So my interviewees give enough time to notice the change of speakers and that you devote the necessary attention.

Gestures, manner of dress and general attitude towards videoconferences

vkonf2.jpg   During a videoconference try as little gestures. Please note that your shot will also show movement on the other, distant location.
   Given the fact that most algorithms for video compression and send it to other locations, "cuts" certain sequences of records, your sudden and rapid movements may produce unexpected and bad effects. This risk communicators to distract attention from the subject of your discussion on the technical background videoconferencing.
   The way of dressing also plays a major role. Avoid clothes with the details because it may deter attention. Take clothes with a simple pattern or no pattern with basic colors.
   Throughout videoconferencing keep in mind that it looks and the content should not be too different from the usual meetings and conferences. This means that you should not be delayed, come unprepared or do something that you would not in "real" conference or meeting.
   If at one location provided serving drinks and biscuits, and the other is not - make sure that the food and drink you consume while videoconferencing is in progress. It would be extremely rude to the participants in one place offers drinks and snacks, and the other does not. Once again - remember that this is a conference and meeting law. Certainly not to the classic meeting several participants offered snacks, while others left to watch them.

Completion of videoconferencing

   Much like in the beginning, before the end of the videoconferencing need to thank the participants from all locations to participate. This time it is not necessary to mention by name, but you can thank the general locations involved in the videoconference. (For example: "Thank you colleagues from Osijek and Sarajevo that have joined us today on this videoconference.").
   Ensure that the sound and picture from your location can be some time after the end videoconferencing transferred to other locations.
   Pay attention to whether this and other small details mentioned here, you will achieve great videoconference using the technology in the best way to exercise your options and perform tasks and duties.

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